4 Powerful Steps to Manifest Your Dream Reality and Raise Your Vibration

Manifesting your dream reality is something most of us have heard about by now, since Rhonda Byrnes brought the concept into mainstream culture with her book the Secret in 2006. Hence many believe that manifestation is a modern creation, when in fact it’s a super old concept that can be traced back to ancient spiritual texts.  

You know that manifestation basically means turning thoughts into things or to actualize something once imagined into your physical reality. But you would want to know how to manifest your dream reality and raise your vibration too, right?

Manifest Your Dream Reality

The thing is that manifestation isn’t something that happens every now and then. We are all manifesting all of the time, whether we’re conscious of it or not. I believe that we came here on this planet to learn to become conscious creators of our reality and to manifest our desires intentionally. 

From a scientific perspective, everything in this universe is made up of energy. Quantum physics, the study of matter and energy, has shown us that even solid objects, like your phone or the sofa you’re sitting on, are made up of energy. When looking at any object under a microscope, one can see subatomic particles that are vibrating at a specific frequency.  

This means that also we humans vibrate at a specific frequency. Your vibration changes from one day to another, from one minute to the next. Because every thought you think, feeling you feel and belief you believe have a vibration.  

Your dream reality is vibrating at a specific frequency, and in order to manifest your dream reality and draw it into physical form you then need to match your vibration with the vibration of your dream reality. Easy, right? In theory it’s super easy, but it takes practice to do it.  

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So how do you match the vibration of your dream reality?  

You are naturally a high vibrational being and therefore you will naturally raise your vibration and vibrate at a higher frequency when you let go of everything that no longer serves you.  

Along your human journey you’ve collected stuff that takes up mental and physical space in your life. Think of beliefs you picked up from your caregivers, stories you made up of why you cannot have the things you desire, mistakes you haven’t forgiven yourself for, negative emotions you haven’t allowed yourself to feel and grudges towards other people you still hold onto ten years later.  

4 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Reality and Raise Your Vibration

1. Let go of limiting beliefs

Most of your limiting beliefs were formed before you were 8 years old, from what you heard and saw growing up. All the things that say you cannot have your desires or live your dream reality are considered limiting beliefs. It’s time to become aware of them and create new, more empowering beliefs that actually support where you’re headed! 

2. Change your story

We all have stories about who we are, where we come from, why things are a certain way in our lives and how we could never be this kind of person or do something.

These stories did serve a purpose in the past – they protected you and kept you safe. But in order to manifest your dream reality you need to let them go, because they’re blocking you from your dreams. Make up a new powerful story that you want to tell from now on.  

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3. Forgive the past

Realize you cannot change the past, but you can forgive yourself and other people involved from the past so that you free yourself from the past and no longer let your past affect your future. Holding onto hurt, pain, anger and resentment from the past is like giving a portion of your life force energy away to your past every single day.

Forgiving the past does not mean that you’re excusing other people’s behavior or approving what has happened – it simply means you’re consciously choosing to release negative energies attached to your past, for the sake of your own well-being. 

4. Allow yourself to feel all emotions

Have you stuffed your emotions and tried to avoid feeling and dealing with certain painful emotions? All of the emotions that you’ve suppressed or repressed, like anger, resentment, shame, guilt, fear, frustration, get stored in your body. Unless they’re dealt with and felt they can turn into physical illnesses later on in life. Emotions are basically energy in motion and they need to be felt in order to move through and get out of the body.   

Start with one of these to raise your vibration today and let the magic unfold right in front of your eyes. You’ll find yourself living your dream reality faster than you think! 


Paulina Xenia

Paulina is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach passionate at www.paulinaxenia.com about helping people step into their power, live according to their unique design and create their dream reality.  

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