Recover From a Breakup Matthew Hussey on How to Emotionally Recover

So many of us have had to recover from a breakup, maybe more than just once, or maybe we saw our loved ones go through it. That truly is a painful period and it does make you doubt yourself, your self esteem, your self worth even.

I’ve been there so many times and it really messes with you on so many levels. So, how does one emotionally recover from a breakup?

How do you get over the fact that the person you shared your life with for years, has chosen to leave, has chosen to move on without you?

Doesn’t that make you feel like you’re lacking something?

Recover From a Breakup: Matthew Hussey on How to Emotionally Recover

I have to say this:i if they chose to leave, they weren’t meant to be in your life in the first place. Maybe just for that period of time they’ve given you. That’s all.

How to Recover From a Breakup

“Consider this: the pain doesn’t come from losing your soul mate, but from the disappointment that this guy wasn’t your soul mate.” ~ Matthew Hussey

It is understandable that when you’re in the midst of it all, that breakup storm, there is no easy way to be reasoned with.

recover from a breakup

Well, what can you say to someone going though this and this is the first thing that came to mind: “This video! They need to see this video!”


Just watch and you’ll see.

Pay close attention to min. 4:50. It gives me goosebumps every single time!

Matthew Hussey’s Powerful Advice on How to Recover from a Breakup

P.S. Something better is coming for you, and you can take that as a promise!


E. F.

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