5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and Foster Genuine Joy

Attaining happiness doesn’t have to be that hard or complicated. Knowing your Chinese zodiac helps. But if looking at your birth chart feels quite intimidating for now, there’s a simpler way to achieve this. And it doesn’t take rocket science to figure this out.

The answer? Cultivate gratitude.

Why does this work?

Think of it as the law of attraction. Adopting a positive attitude for gratitude. Showing appreciation and feeling more thankful can significantly improve your holistic growth.

Cultivate Gratitude

Furthermore, studies have shown that to cultivate gratitude also means increasing an individual’s happiness. Reduces one’s depression, gives strength and resiliency to a person. These folks have lowered blood pressure and have more tolerable chronic pain. are more energetic, and generally, live longer healthier lives!

Those who consciously express and cultivate gratitude have reported to have much higher self-esteem compared to those who do not. They are also more inclined to help others. This type of behavior connects to greater happiness. And people who have grateful thoughts before hitting the sack enjoy better sleep than those who do not.

Why Such Positive Changes?

So why are there’s lots of positive changes?

5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and Foster Genuine Joy At Last 8 Powerful Steps To Positive Thinking

Physically, emotionally, and mentally? Because our brains experience rewiring every time we choose to be grateful. It kick-starts the production of dopamine and serotonin.

Think of it like having built-in antidepressants in your system. Your feel-good neurotransmitters work double time in activating your brain’s “Bliss Center”. Thus creating positive emotions such as contentment and happiness.

It also appears as a self-perpetuating phenomenon. The research found out that doing this regularly trains a person’s frontal context to have a better appreciation. And in the process develop the ability to retain positive experiences and thoughts. All of which could deflect all the negative ones.

Wondering how you yourself can cultivate gratitude more and more every single day? Below are some wonderful tips to follow.

5 Beautiful Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and Foster Genuine Joy

1. A Board On The Wall

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This is a great boost, especially in work environments. It’s a board that lets everyone jot down things that they are grateful for. Remember that it is very important to acknowledge what it is you are grateful for, especially when you don’t really feel grateful. Because it flips the switch right away and changes your mood for the better.

It can be a deep thought or something personal you wish to get out of that chest. And it can also be as straightforward as the weather.

Do you like it sunny, cloudy or rainy? Why does it make you happy even if it makes others gloomy? Because rainy days make you feel cozy? Making your hot coffee even more tasty? Grateful is grateful, no matter the reason!

2. Gratitude Cards

Another way to cultivate gratitude in your life, whether at home or in the workplace, is gratitude cards. So you show your appreciation and say what you’re actually grateful for. Give it to each other, or your clients if it feels comfortable enough. This is a great thing to utilize during workshops and team buildings as well.

But imagine the impact it’s going to have on your family? That’s a really great way to bring you closer together. It’s nice if you can have them printed, but even simple index cards will do. Where they can read it anytime their spirit needs a boost!

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3. Gratitude Journal

Now, this can be an easy favorite! What you do is you have a gratitude journal you write in every single day. It can be several things you are grateful for by the end of the day. Your way of reflecting, reviewing, appreciating how things turned out in your favor.

And it doesn’t really matter even if you had a rough day. Even then, there are positive things to be thankful for. Mistakes are normal but don’t consider them as failures. Be thankful for them because they are learning opportunities. Teaching you to become bigger and better every day! This is a great way to cultivate gratitude.

4. Giving Heartfelt Thank-You’s

It’s not your casual, run off the mill, thank you. Like saying “hi” without really thinking about it. We’re talking about good quality, deeply grateful, heartfelt thank you.

When someone goes out of their way to do something really important for you. Even if it meant sacrificing their time, putting all their effort into it. Be sure they know how grateful you are to them. Make them feel they are really grateful. And let them know you can’t wait to do something awesome for them, too.

If possible, do it in person. This will have a bigger impact if you say it rather than just emailing them, or slipping it via DMs. Say it, and say it as you mean it!

5 Celebrate the Small Wins

Finally, celebrate the small wins. Focus on what you have instead of dwelling on those you don’t. Volunteer, and help as much as you can. Smile more often. You will feel so much better because giving and kindness links to gratitude.

Just imagine the positive culture shift if everyone went ahead and thanked everybody for their help. Not only is this helpful to cultivate gratitude an amazing mood changer, something you need to keep you going especially in a challenging work environment. But having a positive attitude is crucial because you need to like what you’re doing for you to do an amazing job and accomplish an important task.

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Then you will look back and remember the times you were always complaining about things around you. Rather than taking time off to appreciate them. When it seemed everyone just felt miserable. You will be so glad you had a fantastic attitude adjustment. And you can’t wait to help others see this positive change as well. 

Slowly you will begin to see that shift. Opportunities knocking on your door. Those you never saw before when you still had that negative, ungrateful attitude. Because you were so self-absorbed, so closed-off.

But now you have changed your mood and you can finally see all these great things surrounding you. Leading to better, more efficient, more innovative ideas. Becoming the most effective, happy, and grateful human being you could possibly be!

What about yourself? What are going to do today to cultivate gratitude and experience genuine joy? Remember that it doesn’t take much to cultivate gratitude in a world that makes you think otherwise. Know better, so do better.


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