5 Health Habits That Will Forever Transform Your Mind and Body

There are plenty of misconceptions about health habits, healthy living, and so on. Many of us grew up in a toxic culture of fad dieting, where calorie counting and consuming Slim Fast were the norm. Thankfully, body positivity and self-care are the wellness trends today. However, navigating a healthy lifestyle is still be daunting. 

Health Habits

Like many of you, I’ve unknowingly had a disordered view of food for many years. It took me a long time to find the few things that truly transformed my mind, body, and overall wellness. These are the health habits that truly transformed my wellbeing, and will transform yours too:

5 Health Habits That Will Forever Transform Your Mind and Body

1. Ditch diet culture

It’s unfortunate that many of us have a disordered view of ourselves and food without even realising it. Remember: any form of disordered eating is holding you back from living your best life. I’ve tried calorie counting, several fad diets, and restrictive eating.

Did my physique or health improve?

No, and neither will yours. The restriction only ever leads to binging. Start asking yourself: what does my body actually need to be healthy?

Shift your focus to nutritional value, serving your body, and making sure you prevent illness. Weight loss is a positive side effect, and your overall wellness will drastically improve along with the other health habits I’ll be sharing below.

2. Listen to your body

The intuitive eating approach is totally refreshing. The goal is to make more informed choices about personal health, get in tune with your body’s true nourishment needs and break free of the restrictive eating culture we live in. Listen to your body when it’s hungry, and what it’s hungry for. Many of us eat out of emotion, like when we’re anxious, bored, or depressed.

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Your brain might trick you into thinking it’s hungry when it’s actually just craving comfort. After practicing intuitive eating, I’m no longer scared of gaining weight, and realise weight fluctuation is a natural part of life.

3. Try fasting

Though intermittent fasting and intuitive eating might not go hand-in-hand, I believe you can practice both approaches together. For example, I rarely wake up craving breakfast. So, I’ll listen to my body’s needs and start eating at lunch. If you find your body naturally craves food later on in the day and stops craving food earlier, then tune in to that intuition.

For many people, intermittent fasting comes naturally to them. Plus, there are plenty of health benefits associated with fasting, including improved sleep, increased endurance, and weight loss.

4. Go on nature walks

Can you imagine living a stress-free life? I definitely can’t. Stress is inevitable, and it’s important to manage it well. Cardio exercise, like running or walking, is amazing for blowing off steam and releasing endorphins. Try running, walking, or hiking in nature, and you’ll amplify your stress release.

The key to feeling balanced is to counter your stress with plenty of endorphin release. So, set a target of 10,000 steps per day and work your way up! Definitely one of the health habits that can impact you in a meaningful way.

5 Health Habits That Will Forever Transform Your Mind and Body 6 Tips to Recharge Your Mind and Body After a Hectic Week

5. Embrace superfoods

The last of the 5 health habits is about embracing superfoods and ditching the energy drinks and supplements. Nature has already given us plenty of superfoods to boost our energy and health. Once I started incorporating chia seeds, cocoa nibs, goji berries, and other superfoods into my diet, I stopped relying on excess caffeine and energy drinks for that extra spark.

It also helped balance my cravings and reduce my desire for sugar. Sometimes, the best solutions can be found in nature. Letting go of toxic habits is the ultimate investment in your health and embrace these health habit that will forever transform your mind and body.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. All information is based on my own experience and is not meant to be considered as medical or dietary advice.


Anna Bey

Anna Bey is an elegance coach and entrepreneur based in Geneva, Switzerland. She teaches women how to become the best and most elegant versions of themselves through her online finishing school and YouTube channel. You can sign up to Anna's free masterclasses, and webinars by visiting her website, www.annabey.com

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