Believe in Yourself Joseph Murphy On Becoming One with the Divine Presence Within You

“Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass. Believe in good fortune, divine guidance, right action, and all the blessings of life.”~ Joseph Murphy

Believing in something is accepting it to be true, so imagine the unlimited possibilities that are offered to you when begin to believe in yourself, when you become one with the Divine Presence within you.

When you believe, truly believe in yourself, there is no thing and no living being that can stand in the way of your desire. On the contrary, the world will work for you, not against you. Whatever you need will be provided. Wherever you have to go, the road will be revealed in such an almost magical and effortless way.

“Establish the right premise in your mind; you will be subjectively compelled to right action. Inner movement of the mind is action. The external movements and action is the automatic response of the body to the internal motion of the mind. Hearing a friend or associate congratulate you on your wonderful decision will induce the movement of right action in your life. The man who”~Joseph Murphy

Believe In Yourself Again

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That is what happens when you start believing in yourself: magic happens.

People make room for you, opportunities arise just for you and where there were once walls, doors magically appear and open for you. It’s not as if you were taking from others, but your own Divine Presence makes it in such a way that you have everything you need.

“Man’s ultimate need is to believe in himself, in what he’s doing and in his ultimate destiny.”~ Joseph Murphy

There is enough in this world for all of us. More than enough. And the sooner you understand this, the sooner all your wishes will come into fruition.

The only difference between you and those who already have everything they ever wanted is a belief in themselves and the powers within them: faith in the right things, Divine Love, confidence in thenselves, and trusting only that which they is in alignment with their Divine Presenxe. For them there are no voices that make them doubt.

So should you be!

“Picture your ideal in life; live with this ideal. Let the ideal captivate your imagination; let the ideal thrill you! You will move in the direction of the ideal that governs your mind.”~ Joseph Murphy

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“Give all your mental attention to recognizing the absolute sovereignty of the Spiritual Power, knowing that the God-Power has the answer and is now showing you the way. Trust It, believe in It, and walk the earth in the Light. Your prayer is already answered.” ~ Joseph Murphy

Believe in yourself blindly, in the Divine Presence within you that will always provide you with everything you need and even more.

“Imagine yourself doing the things you long to do—actually possessing the things you long to possess. Become imaginative; mentally participate in the reality of the successful state; enter into that state of consciousness frequently; make a habit of it; then you will find you will be guided to do everything necessary for the realization of your dream. Go to sleep feeling successful every night and perfectly satisfied. You will succeed eventually in implanting the idea of success in your subconscious mind.”~ Joseph Murphy

Allow yourself to be guided and inspired by this powerful Joseph Murphy talk. It will help you strengthen your belief in yourself more and more, every single time you listen to these transformative words. And watch how all your fears turn into faith and your doubts turn into unwavering certainty.

Enjoy 🙂

Joseph Murphy, Believe in Yourself


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