33 Happiness Is the Way Quotes to Support You on Your Own Quest for Happiness

“You can’t give away what you don’t have. If you don’t have love for yourself, then you can’t be loving to others.”~ Happiness Is the Way by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Happiness Is the Way

Happiness is not a destination, but a way of life. If you struggle to understand this simple, yet powerful concept, this is where Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s book, Happiness Is the Way, comes into play.

As you navigate life’s ups and downs, his words will serve as your wise and loving companion, and a reminder that happiness is not found at the end of the road; rather, it is the way we choose to walk every step of the way.⁣

Enjoy 🙂

33 Happiness Is the Way Quotes to Support You on Your Quest for Happiness

On Life and Happiness

“I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Wherever I go, there I am.” This means that you’ve always got yourself to deal with, so you should only be concerned with consulting your inner signals.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“You don’t have to be attached to what you’ve been. What you’ve been is just the choices that you made once upon a time, and you always have the power to change your mind.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“If you think abundance, abundance will rain into your life.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“You must learn to cultivate your own garden and keep your nose out of everybody else’s. If they want to grow rutabagas in it, if they want to use a different kind of fertilizer than you do, if they want to have weeds in it, that’s really none of your business. The important thing is that yours is the way you want it to be.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“It seems as if people begin preparing themselves for death from the time they learn there is such a thing.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Setting boundaries helps you reverse all that so you can stand up for yourself no matter what, be it to the people who love you the most or the ones who don’t even know you.”~ Happiness Is the Way

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“You have to live every day fully, rather than postponing your gratification or purpose in the pursuit of something in the future that may or may not arrive for you.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“It’s vital to maintain a sense of spirituality about yourself, a sense of compassion and caring and love and decency for everyone you meet. Treat conflict and difficulties that come your way as opportunities to learn how to transcend them.

You don’t have to use hatred and anger and bitterness and beating somebody else down in order to get to this higher place of purpose. Finding your calling doesn’t mean abdicating your role in life; it doesn’t mean you can no longer do whatever it is you choose to do for a living.

You’re just coming from a place of peace now. When you begin to see that you can make your life unfold exactly the way the universe unfolds, with a real sense of perfection and harmony and peace for.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“It is so hard to define the “unlabelable” part of you, but once you do, it’s incredibly powerful. Call it the soul or spirit or whatever—you discover that the invisible part of you really determines everything about your life.”~ Happiness Is the Way

On Self Love and Confidence

“Confidence comes from behavior, from choosing to take risks, from not worrying about failing, from not being so obsessed with whether somebody else is going to laugh at you, from not being afraid to fall down.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“You can’t give away what you don’t have. If you don’t have love for yourself, then you can’t be loving to others.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Your value does not come from what you accomplish. Your worth as a human being is not determined by whether you win or not.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“I can never be in charge of how other people are going to perceive me, because that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. Again, I can’t control that. The only thing I can control is my character, which comes from my thoughts and the love I have inside, not my reputation and what other people think of me.”~ Happiness Is the Way

Opinions are of very little value by themselves. It is only what we do with them that makes any difference in the world.”~ Happiness Is the Way

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“The most important thing to learn in life is a sense of appreciation for yourself. It’s very important for you to realize that you are at once unique and also part of the entire universe.”~ Happiness Is the Way

Self-worth comes from the belief that I have integrity, I am valuable, I am attractive, I am important. You don’t have to go around saying it; instead, you have a quiet love affair with yourself.”~ Happiness Is the Way

On Making Better Choices

“Run your life on this concept: Each day is great. Where I am is just fine, and so is where I’m going. That’s called growth motivation, and it’s a choice you can make right now.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“You are the sum total of the choices that you make in your life.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“I don’t think we’ve researched the importance of laughter enough, how good it feels to laugh and how therapeutic it is to be able to laugh at ourselves and others and not take life so seriously.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“I’m telling you that virtually everything in your life boils down to what kinds of attitudes or beliefs you have about any given situation.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Every single problem that you have in your life, you experience in your mind.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Repeat the following to yourself: I fill myself with love, and I send that out into the world. Those who accept it, that’s wonderful; those who don’t, that just happens to be where they are now.

There is a karma to this planet that I’m only beginning to understand, but one thing I know is the importance of taking responsibility for my suffering, for my pain, for my difficulty. I understand that when I send out love as my reaction to anybody else’s anguish, I will get love back.”~ Happiness Is the Way

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“Because the universe returns to you what you send out, it is imperative that you are a person of integrity.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Remember, the power is always within you.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“To me, the word responsibility means “responding with ability.” It doesn’t mean responding with disability, otherwise the word would be respondisability. No, it is responsibility: I have the ability to respond. I can respond with ability.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“Know that if you’re living out of a sense of obligation instead of choice, you are a slave.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“What you think about expands is the first rule. The second is, What you think about is already here. That’s really important. In the world of thought, everything you think about is already here—it’s not like it’s someplace else. Whatever is conceivable in your mind, you can create in form.”~ Happiness Is the Way

On Letting Go

“You don’t learn much from a victory except to stay the same.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“In your heart, all you have to do is purify yourself in such a way that you simply say, “Love is forgiving.” Now, that last part can be both two words and one word. When it’s one word, it’s forgiving, which is what we’ve been discussing here. But it’s also for giving, so it’s a gift, meaning that you don’t ask anything back of it.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“When you live in the now, you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy a moment, rather than postponing that gratification or joy because you’ve got something more pressing to do.”~ Happiness Is the Way

“You see, progress cannot happen if you always do things the way you’ve always done them. As long as you are willing to stay as you are or to stick with the familiar or never try out anything new, then it is by definition impossible to grow.”

“Remember, our flawless universe works on harmony, and it does not make any mistakes. It is a perfect system, and each one of us is a part of this perfection. See yourself in that way, and then see yourself as making new choices for your evolution, rather than repairing faults and deficiencies.

You will see yourself growing and growing, and the things that used to immobilize you—that depressed you and got you upset, that you used to call flaws—are no longer seen as such. They are now seen as choices that you made along the way.”


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