16 Guaranteed Steps Towards a Stressful and Unhappy Life

People say they want to be happy, people say they want to live a stress-free life, but a lot of times they don’t act congruently with these words. It’s one thing to say you want something and a totally different thing to act upon that thought. It is a big difference between thinking and doing.

Even though you say that you want all that is good in your life, your actions might take you in a totally different direction, and unfortunately, not the right one. Here are some things that people do, consciously or unconsciously, to achieve more stress and unhappiness in their lives.

16 Guaranteed Steps Towards a Stressful and Unhappy Life

1. Allow others to control your life

Let your mommy, your daddy, your friends, and spouse… all the people you interact with, to tell you what to do with your life. Give them all your power, and allow them to run your life, based on what they think is best for you.

2. Ignore your inner calling

You know those unique gifts and talents that you were born with? Pay them little or no attention at all. Who cares if you have an incredible voice; who cares if you can paint like no other; who cares if you are really good at helping others? Ignore them all, let them go to waste, and get a job that will bring you good money, a job that you will be envied for, like a lawyer for example, or a doctor. Who cares if you will like it or not, who cares if you will enjoy doing it; who cares if you will be happy or not? In the eyes of the world you will be SOMEBODY, somebody important. Live for others, not for yourself.

3. Remember to always compete with others

You want to be the best, you want to be number one, better than everybody else. Life is a race, and only the best win. It’s you against the world, so keep on fighting, waste all your energy in the wrong direction. Struggle, get frustrated, get mad, get angry!

4. Don’t exercise

Only those who don’t have better things to do, exercise. Hard working and really productive people like you have no time for nonsense. Time is money!

5. Work long hours

If you want to be SOMEBODY, you have to work hard, and you have to work long hours. Resting is for lazy people, but not for you.  You are the one whose going to become number one, not them! Work, work and again work! All work and no play. “I will sleep while I’m dead” that’s your slogan!

6. Don’t forgive and don’t forget

Hold on to grudges. Don’t you even dare to forget what he did to you, and what she did to you; and how they all made you feel; how they all mistreated you. Let your body be poisoned by all that anger and resentment.

7. Play the victim card

You really are a victim. The whole world has something against you, and there is nothing you can do. You have no control over what they say, over what they do, and over how they are making you feel. You are just one, and they are so many… You poor thing.

8. Eat junk food

Cooking?!?! What?!?! Who is so crazy to cook when we have so many fast foods? You pay, they give you your food, it’s fast, it’s simple, it’s a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to waste your time by going to the market, buying all those things that they call vegetables, fruits, and other crazy stuff. You are so smart for figuring this out… All that counts is you feeling good while eating that junk food, saving time and money, how would your body respond to all that poison is a different story.

9. Allow your fears to paralyze you

Let your fears take over, allow them to control you and every step you take, or I should say, every step you won’t take. Get stuck, be mediocre, be unhappy!

10. Use labels for everything

Judge and reject everything you don’t understand, and everything you know nothing about, especially those people who are different than you; those people who do things in a different manner then you do them; people who dress different than you do; people who have a different skin color… people who have a different way of thinking, and so on. Reject everything, knowing that you are right and they are wrong; you are good, and they are bad; you are smart, and they are not!

11. Grow older, not wiser

Let your life be the same in your 50’s as it was in your 20’s and 30’s and 40’s. Repeat the same mistakes over and over again; become a bitter old man/lady, and whatever you do, don’t stop whining. Grow old, not wise!

12. Stay in the tribe

Stay in the tribe, be like everybody else, blend in, and whatever you do, don’t stand out! Be untrue to yourself and everybody around you until you lose your identity, completely! Play a different role each and every single day, wear different masks, be fake, be a copy of everybody else!

13. Insist on controlling everything and everyone

even the weather, and get frustrated every time things don’t go the way you want them to go.

14. Look for happiness in things and other people, not in yourself

Things and people, they are the ones who can make you complete and whole, they are the ones who can really make you happy, without them you will be nothing.

15. Be a pessimist

Focus on that which is negative, always! Keep a negative attitude; look for faults, in yourself and others; expect the worse from life.

16. Beg for approval

Work on pleasing everybody, except your own person.

~love, Luminita💫


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of PurposeFairy.com and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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  • Ami

    at 6:27 pm

    For me, there is so much more to life then a career or money… I have a great career and make good money, that alone is not enough, for me continually working to improve myself and make connections, that’s what makes me the most happy. I am blessed to have a great job but happiness doesn’t end there. We must all survive in a world that revolves around money but we don’t have to fall into that. One of my happiest friend is a waiter by day and an incredibly talented writer, director and actor…. He’s following his dreams, finally after years of trying to be the best, to be successful in someone else’s eyes. Now he is more successful than ever and creating change in his community. Not everything is black & white.

  • Karen

    at 4:22 pm

    Wow Robin, that’s some pretty serious bitterness coming through. As it happens I know alot of 40 something waiters who make good money and are there for a plethora of reasons. Some like the hours, some don’t want to do the daily 9-5 thing, some are pursuing master’s even doctorates.

    My mother worked a hard job her entire life that she hated because she was so afraid without it she would have nothing. Now at the end of her life, she regrets it. She feels she never took time to live just to work to keep her fear at bay.

    I choose differently and she is my biggest fan.

  • danaadmin

    at 4:05 pm

    I love how you said it Victoria, dreams do come true all day long never ending unless we choose to stop dreaming… I know that is true 🙂

  • sara

    at 3:56 pm

    Your tone is jarringly condescending. I’d rethink that.

  • Corin

    at 3:54 pm

    Pretty cynical, Robin. I think we could learn something from the “poor” artist… that he’s richer than you can imagine, perhaps.

  • Victoria

    at 3:27 pm

    We are what we create, what we believe a forty something waiter could be there for an entirely different purpose not to assume. Poor is not measured by the exterior of what is evident. Poor is a created thought process. Failing is also believing to fail. Robin Dreams do come true all day long never ending unless we choose to stop dreaming. After the end of a workday with a full belly to me is merely day dreaming and being in a comfort zone. I have not to this day known an individual that is successful that waits for things to happen, everyone is on their own life journey, and every second lives are transformed. I am so Grateful for that.

  • Robin

    at 2:49 am

    There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a job that will keep a roof over your head. Most small businesses fail. Almost all resteraunts fail. Only a tiny miniscule of artists will make enough off their craft to live on. Have you ever seen a forty-something waiter? That’s a failed artist. Or the staff at your local bookstore? Failed writers.

    Dreams are nice, and it’s nice to pursue them at the end of a workday, when we can relax with a full stomach and a warm home. Being a poor artist is not noble, but without a day job, it’s virtually inevitable.


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