How to Awaken Your Intuition

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know why or how. ~ Albert Einstein

Awaken Your Intuition

We’ve all heard it so many times – ‘Just listen to your inner voice’, or ‘Just follow your intuition’, haven’t we? But in a world, where rational thinking is considered to be the ‘normal’ thing to do, the process of learning how to follow your intuition may be a confusing and even painful one. With so many decisions to make on a daily basis, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel stuck when in need of inspiration.

So, here is a ‘rational’ step by step process that is going to help you cultivate your intuition and start using it on a daily basis. Contained within your inner guidance are all the answers, and here is a guide on how to find them. 


When trying to make a decision or solve a problem, first arm yourself with all available facts and information. This will give your subconscious as much material to use as possible. Open your mind to everything that might somehow be important to this particular project.

The idea is to get so many varied pieces of information that even the most amazing and uncorrelated elements begin to complement each other. Just unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in a sea of information, without trying to make senses of it – that is a job for your subconscious mind.


Once you have accumulated all the necessary ingredients, you can leave the idea to ‘ferment’. Preparation requires active participation on your part, while maturation is the passive phase. Put your thoughts on the back burner.

Let your subconscious work on it day and night. You will be trying to find a solution whether you think about it or not. Practice shows that inspiration works better if you leave it alone. You will become more receptive to insights when you are not thinking about anything in particular and awaken your intuition.

How to Awaken Your Intuition in 3 Simple Steps

About the Creative Process

Time spent dreaming and resting is useful creative time. This includes taking a shower, a long car journey, a leisurely walk, or a hike in the woods. Roland Bushnell, the founder of “Atari” was struck by a novel idea whilst walking along a deserted beach one morning. Eventually, his idea became the first and best-selling arcade video game.

If you’re too consumed with thinking about a problem, your preoccupation will itself hinder the process of finding a solution. It is like athletes, who are too eager to win their competition. They know that in order to give the best of themselves, they should be alert, but relaxed. If they are wound up too much, they will make mistakes. To allow your intuition to work, you need to relax and let it do its business.

Here are 3 simple steps to just that and awaken your intuition today.

How to Awaken Your Intuition in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 to Awaken Your Intuition

Take a few minutes to realize that you have a really powerful subconscious mind. There are always correct answers and solutions, and your subconscious will find them for you. Try to go beyond a logical examination of the issue and trust your gut feeling. When this happens, you will feel resourceful and excited. Always remember the existence and potential of this hidden partner, your subconscious.

Step 2 to Awaken Your Intuition

Clearly state to yourself what you want to get from your subconscious, what answers, solutions, insights. Repeat them to yourself to get your subconscious mind working for you. Do not feel overwhelmed or confused. Do not stretch to get the answers. Speak to your subconscious confidently, constantly repeating what you want from it, but expressed as if it has already done the work for you. For example, “now my subconscious tells me …” Repeat it at least 10 times with the conviction that the process has already begun.

Step 3 to Awaken Your Intuition

Relax and recharge your thoughts in the faith and expectation that the correct answer will be revealed. Remember that faith and belief are not just feelings and mental convolutions. They will lead to you the right solutions and answers. Imagine how you would feel if you had the perfectly right decision: excited, extremely excited, even relieved. Let those feelings possess you now.

Relax and let your thoughts play with this mood. Sleep with the confidence that the answers will soon be yours in the morning.
These three steps will take you no more than 5-10 minutes and it is best to do them just before going to sleep. In the transition from wakefulness to sleep, consciously switching your thoughts from a conscious to a subconscious level is the most beneficial way to reach your subconscious mind.

How to Awaken Your Intuition in 3 Simple Steps Dr. Joe Dispenza on How to Free Your Body from the Past and Create a Greater Future

Allow Yourself to Receive information: Awaken Your Intuition

Sometimes the answer comes as a feeling or insight when you least expect it. Other times the answer is when a quiet inner voice says to you, “Go there, try it, call this guy”. Learning to pay attention to these feelings and hunches and learning to listen to what your intuition whispers take practice, but over time you will develop this capability. Do not lose hope if, at first, you cannot hear that inner voice. This ability is similar to muscles that strengthen through training.

Have you ever been in the woods with a keen bird-watcher? He will see ten birds when you see only one. His eyes are accustomed to the task. He knows what to look for. Carefully observe and listen to what’s going on around you. It is easier than you can imagine. It takes only a little practice and faith.

Very often intuitive ideas come to us in a dream. Your mind will suggest solutions each time in a different way, but you will always know that you are receiving intuitive information on the quality of your ideas. You will awake with a gut feeling about the correct answer.

Be open and awaken your intuition.

Respect and cultivate the types of behavior that may contribute to the development of intuition. There are many ways by which you can give your subconscious the information it needs to do its work and to get results.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~Albert Einstein

Awaken Your Intuition

If you learn to think of intuition as a normal and important part of everyday life and accept its presence in everything, it will definitely pay off. But keep in mind that thoughts like “I cannot solve this problem” or “I’ll never find the right answer” are signals to your intuition to not bother to help. Encourage your intuition into action by having positive thoughts and by believing that you deserve not just an answer, but the best answer.

At night I talk to my subconscious as if I was talking with a good friend. I tell it everything and I remind myself that it is all-powerful and has access to “absolute knowledge.” I tell it what I need. Then I sleep peacefully confident that it will deliver. It always does.

Here’s an affirmation, which is also worth a try: “my subconscious is my partner in achieving enlightenment.” Go on, say it to yourself. Once you realize the mighty power of your subconscious mind, you will never stray when looking for answers. Adjust your subconscious and your intuition will provide the necessary information.


Do you have any of your own mind tricks that help you awaken your intuition? And eventually, do you listen to it? Share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below 



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