10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

“Ups and downs are part of life, part of our humanity. They teach us to stay grounded – centered within our Sacred Self, and centered within our Being. And they remind us that the peace we so desperately seek Out there, is already Within ourselves. ” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

The Ups and Downs of Life

We go through life experiencing many pains, struggles, and trials. And even though some of them feel way bigger and more powerful than us, in truth, they aren’t!

There is nothing in this world more powerful than you yourself are. And it is my hope that the words I will share with you today and the meaning behind them will help you, not only to deal with the ups and downs of life but also to see yourself as you truly are: Powerful, Courageous, Unlimited, and Divine.

10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

1. Seek not to know the reason for your unhappiness.

But rather, seek to develop the necessary skills and the right attitude that will help you navigate through the ups and downs of life with peace and serenity. Seek to find the way to your Center – that sacred place within yourself that is always at peace. For in doing so, nothing and no one will ever be able to disturb your inner peace or steal your joy.

10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

2. Be kind to you.

Allow yourself to go through whatever you are going through without shame, guilt, and regrets. 

You are only human. 

To be human is to fall down and make mistakes; to get hurt and even hurt others along the way. And even though you might feel tempted to judge and condemn yourself for not being the perfect being you think you should be, it is better to treat yourself with gentleness, love, and compassion when dealing with the ups and downs of life.

3. Do not be fooled by your fears.

Fear is a liar. It cheats, it deceives, and it tricks us into believing we are all alone, lost, and unworthy of the life we deep down inside know we deserve to live. Fear wants us to live in pain, poverty, and unhappiness. And it will do whatever it takes to bring us down to its level. 

Do not take your fears seriously. See them for what they truly are – games and illusions, and turn your back on them. Trust only Love. 

4. Blame it on no one.

Blame is a thief. It robs you of your power and gives it all away – turning the world into your master, and you into a slave. 

To blame another is to see yourself as helpless, and those you have been blaming as mighty powerful. But you are not a helpless victim, and the world is not your mighty powerful abuser.

Reclaim your dignity. Give up on blame. And take back your power. 

5. Let healing take place.

The ups and downs of life bring us face to face with the parts of us that are in pain; the parts of us that are wounded and in such great need of love and affection. 

When pain comes knocking on your door, it’s not to punish you. But to invite you to make room for healing to take place. It comes to show you the way out of pain and into joy, out of fear and into love, and out of darkness into light.

6. Make peace with your past.

The life you are now living – with its many ups and downs, is the result of all your past thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If there is suffering in the present, the past has not been forgiven. 

If you want to heal your present, make peace with your past. If you want to create a better future, forgive yourself and forgive the past. This is how you deal with the ups and downs of life.

7. Allow your Inner Being to guide you.

Humble yourself before your Inner Being and allow that sacred part of you that is always at peace to help you navigate through the ups and downs of life with grace and serenity. Surrender yourself to your Sacred Self – in love, faith, and humility, and allow the Truth of you to bring you out of the darkness and back into the light.

8. Walk by faith, not by sight.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look deep within your heart to SEE the wonderful being you aspire to become and the beautiful life you dream of living. 

See that person. Experience that life. Become one with it – in mind, body, and spirit. And no matter what your senses might tell you, surrender yourself completely to that wonderful life.

“To truly change is to think greater than your environment. To think greater than the circumstances in your life, to think greater than the conditions in the world… As long as you are thinking equal to your environment, you keep creating the same life… When one holds a dream independent of the environment, that’s greatness.” ~ Joe Dispenza

Follow the advice of Saint Paul and learn to walk by faith, not by sight – faith in the incredible person you wish to become, and faith in the wonderful life you will create for yourself… And in due time, your faith will become your fortune.  

9. This too shall pass.

10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

No matter what you are currently experiencing and no matter how painful and unbearable it may seem, I want you to know that it will eventually come to pass – all things do – no matter if good or bad. And if you “have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear.“…

If you “Can you remain unmoving Till the right action arises by itself,” as it is so beautifully written in the Tao Te Ching, you will soon realize that nothing in this life happens To you, it happens For you. None of it was meant to hurt you, but only to cleanse you, to heal you, and to awaken you to your true Beauty, Wisdom, Courage, and Divine Power. 

10. Seek the guidance of the brave ones.

At one point in time, there has been someone who went through something similar to what you are now going thorough; an incredible being who managed to move past their insecurities, their fears and many ups and downs in a way that made them feel stronger, braver, and wiser.

Seek the guidance of that person – through books, art, science, movies, paintings, music, etc., and allow their story to inspire you to look within for your inner hero – that brave and courageous being who will help you come out of your battles, victorious against the ups and downs of life.

And these are 10 ways to deal with the ups and downs of life. I hope they will inspire you to stand strong in your Truth and Power so that you can meet with courage and confidence whatever life sends your way, knowing that none of it happens To you, it all happens For you.

~love, Luminita 💫


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of PurposeFairy.com and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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