Learning to Let Go of Controlling Everything

To let go of controlling everything isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of great strength. It takes great strength to let go of controlling everything by surrender yourself into the hands of a Greater Intelligence and by trusting that everything will work out just fine. Not everyone can do this…” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

Even though so many people feel the constant need to control everything and everyone, thinking that they know what’s best for them, the truth of the matter is that most of the time we don’t really know what’s best for us, let alone for other people.

We only assume that we do.

Humility surrenders. But pride continuously tries to control and force outcomes, assuming it knows everything…” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

Let Go of Controlling Everything

Believe it or not, life has a natural flow to follow. Its wisdom is greater than our intelligence. And if we decide to let go of controlling everything, we will discover that life doesn’t have to be a constant challenge. Noy when we give ourselves permission to go with the flow, no longer against it.

As the wise Lao Tzu was trying to teach us more than 2500 years ago,

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.” ~ Lao Tzu

No need to force outcomes. We can learn to let go of controlling everything and live in a state of peace, trust, and surrender. And it all starts with a decision to do so…

In this short yet very profound and inspiring video, Alan Watts invites us to release the need for control and trusting that life will take good care of you if you do. In fact, as he explains it so beautifully, in letting go of the control we actually get back in control. Back to living life in unity, oneness, and alignment with the whole universe…


~love, Luminita💫


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of PurposeFairy.com and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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