Can you stay positive in a negative world? Can you remain at peace in a world that seems to be out of balance? Yes. You can, and you must.

Stay Positive in a Negative World

Do you ever notice how easy it is to mistake the negative thoughts, energies, and beliefs of those around you as your own? And how easy it is to allow these low, toxic and unhealthy energies to come into your life, influencing the way you think, the way you feel and the way you perceive yourself and the world around you?

When you are in a negative, toxic and unhealthy environment, a place where people are sad, anxious, dwelling in fear and constantly complaining about everything and everyone, you tend to feel a heavy energy pressing down on you, making you feel uncomfortable and very unhappy. But if you change the environment, going to a place where people are at peace, cheerful and positive, chances are that you will start to feel full of life and energy. Why? Because energy is contagious, and we tend to adapt our own energy to the energy of the things, places, people and experiences that we encounter.

“Energy is contagious: either you affect people or you infect people.” ~ T. Harv Eker

Sometimes I feel as though there is this invisible bubble where all the thoughts that have been thought rest; this bubble where there is a lot of positivity but also a lot of negativity. And if we aren’t aware of who we truly are, of what’s real and what’s not, we can easily fall into the trap of stepping into this bubble, mistaking these toxic energies for who we are, and allowing them to take control over ourselves and our whole lives. A lot of people call these thoughts “collective consciousness”, or “collective pain” and for a long time this was just a mental concept for me, something that sounded interesting but that I knew little or nothing about. But for the last year or so I got to experience what this is all about and I finally understood the power it can have over us.

You see, I consider myself a very happy, cheerful and positive person. Someone who is very aware of the thoughts she thinks and the beliefs she holds. And even though I am constantly cleansing, purifying and taking good care of my mind, heart, body, and soul, I still have moments when I dwell in fear, and I still have moments when I think toxic thoughts, thoughts that I know for sure that aren’t mine.

I still have moments when all kind of insecurities, scarcity thoughts and doubts take over me. But when I step back from my own mind, taking a closer look at everything that I am going through – all my moods, thoughts, energies and behaviors, I realize that many of the thoughts I am thinking and many of the feelings I am feeling are not even mine.

“There is also a collective human pain-body containing the pain suffered by countless human beings throughout history. The pain-body has a dormant stage and an active stage. Periodically it becomes activated, and when it does, it seeks more suffering to feed on. If you are not absolutely present, it takes over your mind and feeds on negative thinking as well as negative experiences such as drama in relationships. This is how it has been perpetuating itself throughout human history. Another way of describing the pain-body is this: the addiction to unhappiness.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

When you are not fully present in your day to day life, and when you allow your mind to wander from places to places, spending too much time dwelling on thoughts about the past and future, but not enough time being in the present moment, that’s when you become an easy prey to negativity, because just like Eckhart Tolle said it, when this collective pain-body becomes activated, it seeks more suffering to feed on.

Stay Positive. It is possible.

It’s true that there’s a lot of negativity, fear, doubt, insecurity present in this world – in our homes, in our schools, the places we work, in our relationships, on the streets, in our stores and at times, in ourselves. But it’s also true that if we become fully present in our day to day lives, if we make a conscious decision not to allow this negativity to contaminate us and our lives, tricking us into thinking that that’s who we are, and if we constantly work on purifying ourselves, our thoughts, our energies and our lives, all this negativity will no longer have any power over us.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” ~ Marianne Williamson

We like to make things big, complex and very complicated, making ourselves feel smaller than the many “dark forces” we encounter in our lives, but there’s no need for silly games.

We are all powerful beyond measure. We really, really, really, really are. And if we focus more on our own energy, our own happiness, inner peace, happiness and wellbeing, and if we make feeling good the main focus of our lives, we will know how to always stay positive in the presence of negativity. And we will know how to use our own light, power, positivity, and love to bring light where there was once only darkness and positivity where there was once a lot of negativity.

Never ever give your power away to the negativity that is present in your life by saying things like:

“Oh, these people are so negative.

Oh, the energy of this place is so toxic.

Oh, these places drain the energy out of me, and so on.”

If there’s negativity in the world around you and you come face to face with it, don’t be scared.

Don’t worry.

Don’t panic.

Don’t complain, and don’t shrink because of it.

Instead, take a few steps back and remind yourself that you, not events, people, places or things, have the power to make you happy or unhappy today. That you, not the negative energy that is present in the world around, have control over your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Always remember, you are way bigger than all your fears, all your doubts, all your problems, all your insecurities, and you are waaaaay bigger than all the negativity that is present all around you, so just behave accordingly.

~love, Luminita💫

What about you? How do you stay positive in a negative world? You can share your comment below 🙂


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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