4 Important Things You Need to Know About Energy Healing

Energy healing can have powerful effects on the body, but it’s important to know that not all of them are positive. While an energy healer may be able to help with everything from infertility to chronic illness, there are serious risks involved in working with some forms of energy healing, especially if you don’t do your research first.

Energy Healing

Here are four important things you need to know about energy healing before trying it out for yourself or recommending it to others.

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Energy Healing

1. The definition of Energy Healing

The term energy healing refers to any practice that uses one or more of several different approaches, including spiritual, scientific, energetic, or physical practices. Different types of energy healing include Reiki and ThetaHealing. 

While each of these approaches is different in its own way, they all have one thing in common: They’re based on a belief that our bodies and minds are made up of some kind of universal energy that affects our health and well-being. When we become stressed out or anxious, it creates blocks in our energy fields. 

By working with an expert who knows how to use his or her hands to unblock those blocked energies, we can increase feelings of overall wellness (and possibly decrease feelings of stress). For example, you might notice that your pain is diminished after receiving an energy treatment for your sore back. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there isn’t sufficient proof yet—particularly from randomized controlled trials—to support such claims. In other words: There’s no solid evidence suggesting that most forms of energy medicine are actually effective at treating physical ailments, at least not beyond a placebo effect.

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Energy Healing Powerful Pain-body Healing Meditation: Clearing and Healing the Pain Body

2. Where did Energy Healing come from?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of energy healing (also known as energy medicine or vibrational medicine). Energy healing is an alternative treatment that uses your body’s life force — or chi, prana, and other forms of universal life energy. 

Energy healers believe that we all have spiritual, mental, and physical bodies made up of energy. Illness occurs when there are imbalances in our energy field. Energy healers use their hands to manipulate life force so that these imbalances are restored and health is achieved again. 

Energy healing has become popular with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell who say it helps them manage pain and illness. If you want to learn more, then be sure to watch this energy healing documentary.

The evidence: Scientific research into energy healing has generally found positive results, particularly for those suffering from certain conditions such as headache, migraine, back pain, arthritis, anxiety/stress, depression, insomnia, drug addiction/withdrawal symptoms …and more.

3. Who uses Energy Healing?

The reason you may not have heard of energy healing before is that, unlike conventional medicine, it’s mostly practiced by laypeople rather than licensed professionals. People often turn to energy healing after they’ve exhausted all other medical options, or when they want a complementary therapy to go alongside traditional treatment. 

Additionally, many people who practice energy healing also use other methods, so it can be difficult for someone who is unfamiliar with it to spot.

For example, if your loved one visits a physical therapist and a holistic healer in addition to undergoing standard care for their injury, chances are both of these professionals will incorporate some form of energy healing into their routine—you might even notice them discussing energy at one point or another during your loved one’s physical therapy session. 

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Energy Healing

But that doesn’t mean that either practitioner only uses energy healing; if anything, they’re using it as just one small part of a larger plan. It’s still important to check out any practitioners’ qualifications before letting them practice on you (here are some tips on finding good providers). Still confused?

We’ll break down what energy healing actually is (and isn’t) below.

4. How Can I Improve My Own Life with Energy Healing?

This is a very good question and one that is essential in order for you to make lasting changes. To do so, try asking yourself How can I improve my own life?

This question requires you to be completely honest with yourself. 

Take some time and really consider it – what areas of your life could you change? What habits could you adopt? Once you’ve come up with your answer, think about why it’s important. Do you want more money? More happiness? Maybe more social interaction or better relationships are what mean most to you. 

What steps will it take to get there?

Write these down on paper or in a document so that they’re easily accessible when needed. Whenever you feel yourself making excuses or losing motivation, refer back to your list of goals and things that matter most to keep going. 

Your goal might not be achievable right away but small daily improvements add up over time. In fact, baby steps towards what matters can change everything! If you don’t know where to start, ask those around you: friends, family members, and mentors all have valuable insight into how you can live a happier life. They’ll help push you in a positive direction if only given an opportunity.


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