‘A great way to invite spirituality into your everyday life is to practice non-judgment, which means less criticism, fewer comparisons, and less of putting others down. Every person is doing the best they can. Try to honor and appreciate all.’~ Vishnus Virtues

Spirituality and inviting spirituality in your life isn’t about getting more toned at yoga class, having more things in your life, or going on cool retreats. It’s not about where you shop, what you wear or what you eat.

Invite Spirituality in Your Life

Spirituality is about how you connect with the world. It’s about how you show up in the world and how you treat those around you.

9 Important Ways To Invite Spirituality Into Your Everyday Life

Here are 9 ways to invite spirituality into your everyday life.

1. Invite Spirituality in Your Life with Non-judgment.

Just because we have access to yoga classes and organic food, it doesn’t mean we are more spiritual than anyone else. Doing reiki, meditating or cleansing our chakras does not make us a better people. So let’s stop going around the world thinking that we have it right and everyone else is lost and confused

A great way to invite spirituality into your everyday life is to practice non-judgment, which means less criticism, fewer comparisons and less of putting others down. Every person is doing the best they can. Try to honor and appreciate all.

2. Compassion.

9 Ways To Invite Spirituality Into Your Everyday Life

Instead of judgment and allowing your ego to rule your life, opt for compassion every chance you get. Seek understanding in others. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Try to see where others are coming from and understand their perspectives or lifestyles.

Accept others for who they are, without disdain or arrogance. Compassion means exercising empathy for others, giving others the benefit of the doubt, and feeling the pain of others. Choose compassion over resentment in every daily encounter. That’s how you invite spirituality into your life.

3. Invite Spirituality in Your Life Through Generosity.

You don’t have to reciprocate generosity when you receive it. Give unconditionally and expect nothing in return. You don’t have to wait until you have a lot to give.

Create the practice of giving your attention, your time, your prized possessions, and even your money. Give when people aren’t expecting it and don’t wait until someone gives before you do. Become an agent of giving.

Give generously.

4. Truth.

In a world of social media and reality television, it’s difficult, to be honest with ourselves. Our lives seem boring in comparison to all the media we consume and our friends’ Facebook feeds. Instead of looking outward and comparing ourselves to others, how about turning inwards and finding connection within?

To live truthfully, we have to be willing to live to our values and our principles, to be who we are instead of showing up as what the world expects us to be. Show up as authentically as you can. Disregard what other people think of you. Speak the truth, even when it may be difficult to do so.

5. Invite Spirituality in Your Life with Kindness.

We run around this world in a rush, believing we have no time for kindness. Kindness isn’t to be practiced just with the friends you love and honor but with everyone you encounter. It’s especially important to be kind to those who are being hurtful towards you.

Set an intention daily to treat every person with kindness and to respond to harshness with kindness. The people who want to hurt you the most need kindness the most.

6. Check Your Anger.

Anger is a tyrant that consumes your life. If small things, like traffic or waiting in line, annoy you, you might want to examine what that’s about.

If you’re bothered by unmet expectations, people letting you down and circumstances not going your way, what can you do about that?

Where is this anger coming from?

How do you become more aware of the anger simmering underneath?

What can you do to tame it, calm it down and soothe the bubbling anger?

Awareness is the first step in releasing the pent-up anger within.

7. Invite Spirituality in Your Life by Watching Your Words.

When we’re not conscious of our words, we can be particularly harsh or negative towards others. We complain and scrutinize, and are pessimistic and negative when we speak. We use words to bring others down. We use words to spread rumors, gossip and speak ill of others. Your words are a reflection of your soul.

If your spiritual nature could speak, would it speak to bring people down or lift others up?

Would you see how we are all connected by one love or look for ways in which we are different from each other?

Become more conscious of the words you use on a daily basis. Your words are a reflection of your inner state, mind, and spirit.

9 Ways To Invite Spirituality Into Your Everyday Life

8. Invite Spirituality in Your Life by Letting Go of Grudges.

It’s easy to get offended or upset with other people. Our ego, in its attempt to protect us, wants to start a tiff with everyone. Our egos feel slighted, upset and put down when others do not treat us the way we want to be treated.

We also get upset when we do not receive an invitation to an event, when we don’t receive thanks for our generosity or when we don’t receive acknowledgment for something we did.

If you were acting from a spiritual place, you would see no difference between yourself and others. We are all part of the same universal spirit. If this is the case, getting angry at others is the same as getting angry at ourselves. If we were all one, you would forget about hurts, let go of grudges and chose love in every instance.

When someone hurt or slighted you, you would take the high road of the spirit. Forgive and let go. Practice forgiveness and letting go daily.

9. Invite Spirituality in Your Life by Treating Everyone Equally.

Isn’t it interesting that we treat better the people we care about and respect while ignoring everyone else? We worship celebrities, wealthy people and influential people in our lives while paying no attention to people who can’t do anything for us.

We look at some people, the most marginalized in our society, with contempt and disdain. If we were acting from our spiritual nature, we would realize that every person has light in them and that every person is equal.

Let’s treat everyone the same regardless of how much money they have, how they dress or what they can do for us. In fact, strive to treat the people who are struggling with even more compassion and generosity.

How do you invite spirituality into your everytday life? Please share in the comments below.


Vishnus Virtues

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