On Learning to Understand the Real Meaning of Life

A majority of us wander around questioning and wondering what is the real meaning of life as we all seek the same one thing and that is a purpose for our life. 

But what if we all have the same purpose and there is nothing that separates us at all?

On Learning What Is the Real Meaning of Life

It is not so much the seeking but the remembering of who we really are, however we have been conditioned to live in a world that has taught us that our true hearts desires can only be found outside of ourselves diverting us from going within. 

This desperate and frantic search in the outside world is what is actually disconnecting us from all that we are and contributing to further pain and suffering as we have come to live in a world of fear and what people are running from is actually themselves.

Your thoughts.

Your feelings.

Your memories.

The Real Meaning of Life

If my life path has taught me anything it is that even our suffering matters as within it is a very valuable gift. 

As a woman who comes from a background of generational patterns of destruction and abuse, I have been blessed with the opportunity to end trauma once and for all in my family and heal the wounds that my family were not brave enough to heal. 

Essentially we are all just masking collective wounds with “things” as a way to escape the pain resulting in addictions and ill health in the mind and body but what if your pain is not what is actually causing you pain but rather the resistance to experiencing it at all?

You may believe that you can “find” yourself however if you think about it this statement in itself it is claiming you are not one with yourself and therefore contributing to further separation from who you really are. The only way you can truly “find” yourself is by losing yourself which requires shedding all of the layers of pain that you have been holding onto from the past and the only way you can do this is be being with it and embracing it. 

It is all of this collective pain that has molded the false self or in other terms the conditioned self. This version of you is who you have been taught to become by outside influences and experiences.

Essentially if you continue to run from the past and those collective wounds that have been passed down through your family then unfortunately, you will continue to have the same experiences in your life as life is a mirror of you.

As you are an energetic being having a physical experience the universe will serve you with more of what is in your energetic field and we all know what we focus on grows so the more you run, the greater power it has over you hence why so many people feel trapped in today’s world as they have not been informed of this truth.

The only way to change your internal and external experience is by choosing to be here and now, it is in the present moment that all that is not aligned with who you really are can be dissolved back into nothingness.

You are not your thoughts.

You are not your memories.

You are life itself. 

That is your truth.

A huge myth has been forged that “spirituality” is positivity however this is not the truth, it is merely present with all that is. 

The opposite of what we think is true is actually true.

There is not good, nor bad, there just is.

Essentially this is the higher purpose for all of us is to strip everything back and return to the core of our being, unlearning all that we have learned and re-teaching ourselves from a place of unconditional love.

To be at one with yourself is not to be in a state of love all of the time. 

It is to love all that is. This is the real meaning of life.


Hayley Woodgate

It is her own journey healing trauma which liberated Hayley from dysfunctional and toxic relationships, crippling low self worth, the birth and death of a destructive marriage, chronic illness and the breakdown of her body, anxiety, depression and little to no trust in her self that led her to her true calling as miracles unfolded to support her in breaking free, this ignited the desire to support others in realigning with their true authentic self to reignite their true purpose.You can find more of her work on HayleyWoodgate.co.uk or you can follow her on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

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