5 Powerful Ways to Healing Your Stress and Anxiety

“Healing and self-improvement are a never-ending process in this beautiful thing we call life and the best way to make sure you’re on the right path is to be sure the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of your being are all in alignment.”~ Amanda LaSota

We hear it everywhere today. We are amid a global mental health crisis. The news will have you believe that the sole reason is the pandemic and all that it has brought with it, but what’s happening can’t be given full credit.  Happiness has been on the decline for years now. This fast paced, stressful and toxic world is a breeding zone for anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, overwhelm and more. 

We have been conditioned to believe that these emotional states are due to chemical imbalances or life’s circumstances, and the very the idea of exploring a different cause brings people to look at us like we have two heads. I believed this for a long time too. I took the medications, I did the therapy and I believed that the only way I’d be able to find happiness was through continuing these means. 

Like many people, I struggled with anxiety; PTSD; depression and addiction. I suffered through these feelings as a way of daily life, until I began the struggle with rage. My rage was affecting all my relationships and daily life. I grew to hate myself; I spent many nights on my knees crying out for help because I couldn’t stand living that way. In a state of total desperation,

I began to search for answers. WHY was I suddenly feeling this way and HOW could I fix it?

What I found opened my eyes and changed the course of my life and lives of many others since. 

There’s a crazy thing happening in this world that many are oblivious to. We have become so emerged in this modern world that we, as a collective have lost the knowledge to live as we are created to live.

We have learned to look at ourselves as just a physical being but when we open our eyes to the reality that we are also mental, emotional, social and spiritual beings, the world around us begins to change and the idea of healing our emotions, rather than masking them becomes a reality.

I’m going to save you hours of research, months of trial and error and thousands in coaching. The secret to healing these painful and undesired emotions is LIFE BALANCE and you can achieve this with a few small daily steps. By creating balance in the physical, mental, social and spiritual, you will heal the emotional.

Are you ready? 

5 Powerful Ways to Healing Your Stress and Anxiety

1. Healing Physically

The first place we must start, before anything else, is in the physical health. There are certain nutrients that the body requires to produce optimal hormone, brain and organ function. When any of these things are lacking, they will cause your emotions to become unbalanced and induce fatigue, which only deepens the cycle.

Along with nutrients, our body needs fresh air and exercise daily. A simple way to implement these into your routine is to add a water-soluble multivitamin, vitamin B complex and trace minerals in the morning, along with a quick walk outdoors. 

5 Powerful Ways of Healing Your Stress and Anxiety

2. Healing Mentally

Usually when we hear the words mental health, the first thought is of emotions like anxiety and depression. In this case, that’s not what I am referring to. Mental health in this sense is how we stimulate and grow the mind. The mental aspect of our being needs to be stimulated regularly or it becomes bored and begins to lose function, such as memory and focus. An easy way to nurture your mental pillar is through replacing the music on your commute to a podcast, listening to a motivational speech while doing dishes or reading before bed instead of scrolling through social media.

3. Healing Socially

In this time of social media, many of us have become introverts, only socializing via internet. This can be okay but in person relationships are ideal if possible. When choosing who we socialize with, it’s best to remember that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This includes your spouse. You will want to evaluate your relationships with co-workers, family and friends.

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4. Healing Your Attitude

The people that tend to have a negative attitude or outlook on life will bring your emotional state down, you should eliminate or minimize your interactions with such people. Along with this inventory, it’s helpful to look at the lifestyle of your friends. Is this a lifestyle you wish to acquire? If not, it’s best to move on. Remember, if you sit in a barber shop long enough, you’re bound to get your hair cut.

5. Healing Your Belief System

No matter what your belief system is, it’s important to practice spirituality in some sort. Spirituality helps us feel connected, calm and focus on the present moment. When we place our focus on the present moment, feelings of anxiety will dissipate. A simple way to nourish your spirit daily is through practicing mindfulness as you go about your day, meditation or reading spiritual literature. 

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All these practices can easily be added into your already busy routine with little effort. They may seem like small tasks, but the compound effect of these tasks is truly life changing. I am able to share this not just from personal experience but from the experience of my clients worldwide who have being healing their emotions through life balance. This is not the end all, be all.

Sometimes therapy is necessary. You may even find you need more one on one support. Life balance in those cases is the steppingstone on your journey to further self-improvement.  

Healing and self-improvement are a never-ending process in this beautiful thing we call life and the best way to make sure you’re on the right path is to be sure the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of your being are all in alignment. 


Amanda LaSota

It is her life’s purpose to help women find the same healing. Certified in NLP, Natural Medicine, Nursing Assistance and Transformational Life Coaching, Amanda help women break down their emotional barriers so they can create a life beyond their wildest dreams. For more help in healing your emotions, reach out to her at amanda-wallace.com or on Facebook.

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