Certainty. It’s one of the needs that every human has, according to Abraham Maslow. We all seek it but when trying to achieve a grand vision or seemingly impossible goal, how do we cultivate that certainty when there seems to be no trace of it in sight? I think we can all agree that sometimes when going for something you want, the world will shake you and punch you with a whopping punch of uncertainty and chaos. Here’s how to create certainty when the outside world isn’t giving it to you.

1. Develop laser-like focus

If you really want certainty in your ability to reach a goal, then you need to develop a laser-like focus on figuring out how to get there and do it every day. If you truly want something, you have to integrate into your life. It can’t be a one time or once in a week event. It has to be a daily habit. When you do something consistently every day, you are bound to see results.

Causes create effects. Your vision of what you want to achieve should not only flood your actions but your thoughts as well. Consider this, we are all brainwashing ourselves with our beliefs. Whether those beliefs are true or not is irrelevant because your mind will perceive it as true and the results you see in your life will be aligned to that. Your most dominant thoughts become your reality.

Another great tool that will help you is visualizing your goal every day. When you visualize something vividly, your subconscious cannot tell the difference, it perceives your visualization as reality. Do this long enough, and your subconscious will accept it as such. This will be the moment in which things change for you because your subconscious mind dictates what your actions are and if your actions dictate what you experience, then what your subconscious mind believes to be true will become your reality no matter what you consciously may tell yourself.

2. It’s inevitable

When you realize that achievement is a science, then you can be much more methodical in your approach to your vision. It is not enough to take the only action because you will undoubtedly be wandering aimlessly with little to no results in what you were expecting. It is also not enough to know exactly what direction to go along with every step to get there when you don’t even take the first step. It is a balance of both. You have to know where you want to go (what you want your achievement to be) and how to get there and you must take massive action in that direction. One does not come before the other. It is a process of constantly learning and then taking action. The two are repeated simultaneously.

3. Trust in the process

As I mentioned before, you must know- at least on some level- how to get it done. The most surefire way is to find a mentor or find the information from someone who has done it before. If they have a proven method then trust in that method and put all your effort into it. A big reason as to why people don’t take the required amount of action is because on some level – whether consciously or subconsciously- they don’t actually believe they can do it. Once you believe that it will work, you are much more likely to take all the action in the world because you will be certain of what the outcome will be.

Here’s something that I’ve found to be really powerful when it comes to believing the process: read the biographies of the greats in history and, if you can, find a biography by someone who has done what you want to do. Reading about their struggles and triumphs will not only prepare for the journey ahead but give you the certainty to pummel through any adversity because you will know what is on the other side waiting for you.

4. False abundance

One of the biggest fears people have when going for something is losing what they already have. For example, you may want to start a new business but you don’t want to give up the financial security you currently have. If your business becomes successful then you will be even more financially secure.

The fact of the matter is that there must have been some pain that moved you to want to change something and in staying there, you only create more suffering by not moving forward with your vision. One critical mindset that will move you away from scarcity thinking and into abundance is thinking of all the abundance that will come once you achieve your goal and bringing that feeling to the present moment. Know that everything will be much better as a result of the sacrifice you give today.

5. Faith in yourself

If you have gone through tough times before then this should be no problem because if you did it once, you can as well do it again. You may not want to but it all depends on how badly want a certain outcome. When you truly want something, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does to stop you because all you know is that you want it and you find a way to get it. Another big reason that people don’t achieve something they set out for, is because they don’t truly believe they deserve it.

There is no one out there who can give you a compelling enough reason as to why you don’t deserve something unless you believe them. If you believe the lies that society or the people around you have to say about who deserves what, then you’ll never achieve anything because in striving for a big goal, you make others see their failure to do so as well. As a result, they will try to put you down and fill your mind with lies but it always your decision as to who you choose to believe.

Keep in mind, these 5 mindsets can be applied to anything, whether it’s long term or short term. I used the word achievement but simply replace that with the word that represents what you want and the same rules still apply. There is much more certainty when you are deliberate and take an active role in getting what it is you want. It becomes a much smoother sailing and even though there may be waves and riptides that stand in your way, they are only temporary obstacles meant to test you and make you stronger, not to impede you permanently.


Gilberto Rosas

Gilberto is a thinker by nature and a doer by discipline. He is also a visionary with a hunger for success and a passion for personal growth which he shares on his blog,

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