Everybody wants to be happy. Everything we ever do – we do it to be happy. We are almost always certain as to what can bring us happiness. But in this haste, we often forget that achieving happiness is an action, whereas being happy is a state, and therefore – to be happy we need to maintain this state of happiness. And the easiest way to do this is to find positive emotions in life’s every single moment.

How to Find Positive Emotions in Life’s Every Single Moment

They are in fact, scattered all over, you just need to know where to look. Here are 10 best ways to find them.

1. Bond with people

Whenever you feel down for whatever reason or no reason whatsoever, there should be a friend to comfort you. Cynical people say a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, to have a friend when you are in need of emotional support, you should be a friend when not in need – at all times.

Besides, being in a company of friendly people keeps you from overthinking and feeling blue altogether.

2. Get over things

Eliminating negative emotions are equally important as obtaining positive ones. One of the most common negative emotions is regret.

Haven’t you made a choice recently, that you now regret? Even the smallest one. A pizza instead of sushi? Seeing one movie instead of another?

All these small things get you down, you need to get over them.

A good idea is to get rid of little things that you regret symbolically. That would be writing them on a piece of paper, sealing them in an envelope, and getting rid of the envelope.

3. Don’t be too secretive

Our reflexes tell us to only give out as much information as necessary for a certain cause. The rest we keep to ourselves.

In fact, secrets are an extra burden that is carried on your shoulders. As much information as possible needs to be shared, so you can feel lighter and breathe more freely.

Note: this should not be confused with keeping to one’s privacy.

4. Like what you have to do

If there are some activities in your life that you don’t like but have to do, this is sure to give you negative emotions. The negative emotions, however, root in the dislike element, and not in the activities in question. So, you can easily get rid of these negative emotions by embracing those necessary activities and removing your dislike from them.

For example, if you are on a diet, you need to convince yourself that you actually find fruits and vegetables tastier than burgers.

5. Smile

We know that we smile when we feel good. But it goes the other way around just as well: smiling can make you feel better. Here is how you do it:

– relax your facial muscles to the point where your mouth slightly opens;

– constrict the muscles at the corners of your mouth – the wider, the better;

– keep your face in this position for about 20 seconds.

This exercise is especially effective when you need to feel positive before something important, such as an important phone call.

6. Tense your muscles

Whenever we need to do some physical activity – such as go jogging or lift something heavy – we often make a fist or grip something without even thinking. It helps us concentrate our willpower and achieve a better result.

It turns out that this trick works for all kinds of activities just as well. Whenever you need to do something, contract your muscles, or just press your thumbs against your index fingers, – and you will feel your willpower-boosting.

This concentration of willpower, combined with the self-content feeling you get upon completing whatever it is that you had to do, are some of those positive emotions.

7. Powerpose

Research has shown that when your body is in a certain position, you get the increased level of the hormones responsible for dominance and the senses of security and comfort, whereas some other positions increase the level of chemicals responsible for the feeling of stress.

The former are called power poses. Here are some of them:

– if you are standing up, push your chest forward and pull your shoulders back;

– if you are sitting, lean back, lock your fingers on the back of your head or neck and look up.

8. Surround yourself with comfort

Lack of comfort is another common reason for negative emotions. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary negative emotions caused by discomfort, you must not overlook all the tiniest details that surround you in your everyday life – the wallpapers in your room, the dislocation of your furniture, the furniture itself: it must all serve one sole purpose – your comfort.

The furniture is especially important here. It is vital to your positive mindset that your furniture was soft and comfortable.

9. Stay warm

From our childhood, we associate warmness with comfort and friendliness, and coldness with neutrality at best. This is why you should surround yourself with warmness to keep perceiving your environment in a positive way.

In practice – pay extra attention to keeping your home warm, don’t drink cold drinks unless it’s hot, avoid cold showers unless necessary, etc.

10. Break your habits

New experiences always give us adrenaline which is a hormone for positive emotion. Especially when these new experiences are safe. For example, you can take a different route when driving to your office, you can shop or eat in new places, – there are dozens of variations.

So, positive emotions are crucial for a good and happy life, and not only so. Think of all the bad things that happen to people in their everyday lives because of their negative mindset. One cannot but agree that when one is in a bad mood, everything is just falling from one’s hands. This can be vital, literally. Therefore, positive emotions are critical for your mental – and sometimes even physical – health.

Follow the humble tips from this article to assure your positive mindset – and stay well!


Richard Nolan

Author's Bio Richard is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Currently, Richard works as a half-time time writer for ProWritersCenter. You can also connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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