5 Ways to Break Free from Living in Uncertainty

For many people, there’s nothing worse than living in that awkward space between worlds. Whether you’re between jobs, relationships, homes, or ideas, living in uncertainty can be incredibly uncomfortable or deeply empowering. 

5 Ways to Break Free from Living in Uncertainty

The key is understanding how to make the most of those in-between times so you don’t end up staying there forever.  If you’re fed up with living in uncertainty below are five ways to break free from it and start living your life from a place of love, honesty, and trust.

1. Decide what you want.

Far too many people spend their time in uncertainty just waiting for the next best thing to arrive.  They wait around in the “hallway” for another door to appear instead of taking an active role in the creation of their future.  No matter how long you’ve been living in uncertainty, you must understand that you always have a choice. 

Instead of (not so) patiently waiting for a door to appear along with your path, decide what it is you truly want.  By getting crystal clear about what you desire for your life, you become a co-creator with the Universe and have a better chance of actually living the life you’ve always wanted.  Remember, ask and it is given.

2. Take action (any action). 

Analysis paralysis goes hand-in-hand with those living in uncertainty.  Afraid of making the wrong move, many people take little to no action at all.  Once you know what you desire, you must take an active role in the creation of your future.  Action creates momentum and allows the Universe to deliver to you amazing connections, ideas, and the support you need to create a life you love. 

You don’t have to have every step outlined in order to take the first step today.  Not sure where to begin?  Take the first action that pops into your mind right now.  Imperfect action is better than no action at all and it will build your confidence and momentum the further you go.    

3. Master your mindset.

It can be really difficult to keep your mindset positive especially when you are feeling stuck, but it’s the most important thing you can do.  Mastering your mindset is more than just thinking happy thoughts.  It’s about understanding and shifting the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. 

It’s not just hoping the next door will appear.  It’s about expecting and knowing that new opportunities are flowing your way now and that you are worthy and deserving of achieving your desires.  When you know that to be true, there’s nothing you can’t do.

4. Ignore “reality”. 

It sounds a bit crazy I know, but if you want to get yourself out of the ‘reality’ you are currently in, you must learn to shift your focus away from what’s not working.  We live in a world that is consumed by chaos and promotes the problems of our time more than anything else.  By focusing on the problem, we only create more of the same.  Like the parable of the two wolves, you determine which one will win based on who you feed. 

Shift your focus away from what is and toward what you desire most.  By doing so you will not only feel better but soon you’ll begin to see signs that what you desire is on its way and that’s the best feeling in the world.   

5. Trust the process.

While not always easy to do (particularly when you are living in uncertainty), trusting the process of life as opposed to resisting it is key.  The truth is, the Universe is always supporting us even when we feel the most stuck and sometimes having a bit of trust is all you need to see the magic and miracles that are waiting for you.  Trust that everything is always working out for you and you’ll be surprised at how quickly things turn around. 


Lamisha Serf-Walls

Lamisha is a life coach for women who are ready to live an amazing life on their own terms, but feel held-back and frustrated in how to make that happen. Her mission is to create a community of empowered, free flowing, lovers of life who live a life of freedom with ease and inspire others to do the same. You can learn more about Lamisha by visiting her website www.lamishaserfwalls.com

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