Create Your Own Gifts, Live Your Best LifeI have just had the privilege of watching an extraordinary person speak on abundance, and listened with delight at his view of our world with all of its possibilities.  It was one of the most exhilarating videos I have seen in a long, long while… and I am inspired to the point of silence.  Inspiration draws me back into the space within me where I can, once again, celebrate the overwhelming joy I feel as a part of Its magnificent creation.

His name is Peter Diamandis.  He is the chair of Singularity University and runs the X Prize Foundation, which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges for the betterment of humankind.  He is a bright gift to the world and a brilliant gift to me this day.

It is simply another example of how what you extend comes back to you.  I have been in a state of love towards my fellow travellers for some time, and the rewards of that extension and caring are tangible indeed.

It is simple. I expect to find beauty, positivity and inspiration when I turn on my computer. I will accept no less.  This video that I am sharing with you is one such instance of how a vibrantly optimistic thought can return to us.  It is a direct result of thought, of word, and of action.

I love it when he describes the impact the Internet can have on our ability to live our very best lives, and to impact the lives of so many millions of others in a realistic, positive manner. Yes.  The Internet has many, many dark places where negativity and misery is displayed for all to access. And there are many messages there that would send a person into a fit of revulsion and panic if we were to read them.

With so many doomsday-sayers out there, I wish to be, not a doomsday-slayer, but a doomsday dissolver.  That which is darkness dissolves when exposed to the Light, exposed as the mere shadow that it was mis-created to be. We all are called to be “Presenters of Light.”

When you are faced with a situation there are two ways in which it could resolve.  Considering that a situation is rarely ever black and white, you would still tend to view one resolution as positive and happy, and the other you would view as negative, and fearful.

In this scenario, the outcome remains unresolved as you encounter it Now.  So, from your perspective, why would you attempt to resolve the situation using fearful thoughts?  Is not the positive outcome just as possible?  Then think on that.  It may be the deciding factor as to what transpires.

I see a choice in all situations.  We can either zig or zag.  And it is up to us to decide what we will fill our minds with, and think on… even if, at the time, the outcome of the situation resolving in a positive manner seems remote. We all have this choice.  We can all extend our good will into this electronic world, only to have it pop up in India, or Brazil, or Australia.  We have that ability.  It is truly awesome!

This video was my morning gift to me.  I am overjoyed to extend this same gift, to you. Enjoy and feel free to share this gift with others.

Life is good!

With all my love,

danas medium



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Paula Tozer

Paula Tozer is a singer/songwriter and free-lance writer who lives with her husband, Mark, in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada. She is working on a book as well as recording an album of original songs. Her song, My Bow, is currently playing on the Women of Substance internet radio station.

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