5 Reasons Why You Should Make Peace with Your Ex

After a breakup, the emotional pain can be overwhelming. The more intense the injury, the greater the inner resentment. And sometimes love turns into hate. The one who was once loved is now the greatest enemy in your life. And all friends who know your story should join your hatred. But it’s important that you make peace with your ex.

Make Peace with Your Ex

Today I will share with you 5 important reasons why you should make peace with your ex but let me tell you something before I get there. Those who really get into hatred may forget that this is nothing more than another emotional burden.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Peace with Your Ex

When you hold onto hate, you make sure that the negative energy is nourished from you. And that doesn’t have any pleasant side effects. But why is it better to let go of the hatred, make peace with the people who are not by your side anymore, and how can you find your inner peace? Why is it so difficult to make peace with your ex?

1. The Emotional Pain Seeks an Exit.

As we concern with this intense emotional pain, we look for an exit to relieve the inner pressures of the feelings.

Typical of this is the search for the culprit in the matter. Do you think that when you find someone to blame, the emotional pain will go away?

Probably not. Because the inner pain can still be felt. Hate seems to be the method of choice because it indirectly serves as a form of punishment. The one who was once loved by you is now punished with hatred. You hope that your bad thoughts will work and that the ex-partner will feel bad.

2. The Energy of Hate Harms You.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Peace with Your Ex

Hate and feelings of revenge correspond to a very high level of negative energy. The person holding these negative feelings is also responsible for the consequences. Because the negative energy of hate only harms yourself. That’s why it is really important to make peace with your ex.

Anyone who is constantly on the move in a negative world of thought is not a happy person. On the contrary. Everyone can feel your bad mood and the friends could move away from you. You sleep poorly and are unbalanced. You are less focused at work and it is easy to get upset.

Because your hatred, which you feel all the time, ensures that you are not in your inner center. And these effects are not only shown physically and emotionally, but are also reflected in your social world.

3. Your Friends Reduce Contact With you.

The friends who have agreed that you shouldn’t make peace with your ex reduce contact with you. And sometimes you even have the impression that they are avoiding you? Maybe this perception isn’t all that wrong. Because it corresponds to the natural reflex that people like to be where there is no stress. 

We like to be with friends who are balanced and happy. And at some point, the topic of your breakup is no longer the top topic of the day for the friends. Because your friends don’t feel this emotional pain that you are feeling. However, to you it seems that your friends’ loyalty needs to be questioned. As a result, established friendships can be broken.

This is especially the case when a good friend wants to be neutral. Neutrality is not what you are looking for now. They are looking for an ally who will tell you that your behavior is right. For the friend this can be an internal conflict if he is driven to actions that do not correspond to his moral principles.

4. Children Feel Your Negative Energy.

When children are involved together and there are also custody issues, the hatred against the partner can increase. This is especially the case if the ex-partner argues with you about custody. The fear of losing the children you love can then become overwhelming. And sometimes that’s why love turns into hate. Because not only the former love is outdated.

Now your fears that you may lose your children are also being raised. But children feel the negative vibrations between their parents. They may feel guilty that their parents hate each other. Just make peace with your ex and bring peace back into your family.

5. Your Spiritual Growth Will Be Stunted.

Those who want to achieve inner spiritual growth release such negative thoughts and feelings. Because the negative aspects satisfy the ego, but not the soul. If you are looking for emotional balance, you also need to work on an attitude. Hatred, revenge and resentment are attributes that are not conducive to this. Namely, they feed your ego and your emotional pain and block the possibility of forgiveness.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Peace with Your Ex

It doesn’t matter whether we get extremely upset about something or stir up feelings of hatred. Because both approaches have one thing in common: They produce negative stress. And only you feel this negative stress – not your ex-partner!

Those who let go of their feelings of hatred are doing something good for themselves.

Why Should You Make Peace with Your Ex?

Because with that you let go of the negative vibration. And if you look carefully, the hatred hasn’t seriously alleviated your emotional pain. If you want you to feel better, it makes sense to let go of the hatred. In this case you make sure that you can relax again and find your way back into a form of inner calm.

Things that Help You Make Peace with Your Ex?


In meditation you can say goodbye to negative feelings. As you meditate, you can focus on getting the hatred out of your heart. Anyone who symbolically imagines a basket in which the negative thoughts are placed has created a good approach.

There is power in repeating meditation. A one-time meditation may not be enough and it has to be repeated.

Look for new valves

If your resentment needs a valve, try finding a replacement for your hatred. This can be physical work, a long walk or a hike. Sport can also help to reduce excess energy and relax. Everything that has otherwise helped you in a crisis can now also serve as a tool to relieve the emotional tension.

Make a decision

The inner mental attitude plays a big role when it comes to reducing feelings of hatred. Make a concrete decision that you no longer want that! As soon as such thoughts re-emerge, push them aside.

You still don’t need to build a loving feeling when it comes to making peace with your ex. But the feeling of hatred should no longer find room to develop. Because this feeling determines your life, your thoughts and your inner constitution.

Realize that the hatred makes no sense and blocks you from finding your inner center again.

Talk about your feelings

Instead of doing hate speech about the ex-partner, it is better to analyze his feelings. Talk about what you feel! This helps to better understand yourself and why you hold onto the hatred, instead of starting to make peace with your ex once and for all.


El Maya

El Maya is a spiritual medium and life coach. She has published several books on the subject of soul and karma. This guidebook contains strategies to reduce your karma and to find the center of your soul.Life counseling on questions about relationships, family and work are also part of her portfolio. It is their concern to eliminate negative interference fields in life in order to become free of blockages that inhibit inner growth.

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