A Message to Those in a Hurry to Get Married

“Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for; Companionship, intimacy, friendship etc … The truth is, that marriage at the start is an empty box, you must put something in before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage, love is in people, and people put love in marriage.” ~ Unknown

In a Hurry to Get Married?

If you ask me, way too many people are in a hurry to get married. And the funny thing is that if you ask them why do they want to get married so badly, most of them won’t even know what to answer.

They have been so fixated on this idea of marriage, that they don’t even know why they are in such a hurry to get married, and what does marriage represent to them.

The way I see it, marriage is a sacred bond of LOVE (True, pure, sacred, divine and honest love) between two people. And through this sacred bond ,they are meant to come closer to one another – closer to their own divinity and closer to their own heart and soul.

A Message to Those in a Hurry to Get Married

Marriage is meant to bring people closer to their own sacredness. But unfortunately, because a lot of people nowadays get married for all the wrong reasons – family constraints, society pressure, boredom, lust, unhappiness, loneliness, fear, a need for security, confusion, lack of meaning in their lives, etc., they end up moving a completely different direction.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

If you enter a relationship expecting the other person to give you everything that is missing from your life – love, happiness, friendship, etc., eventually you will be very disappointed at how “poorly” your partner is “performing”.

Because you see, it’s not the other person’s job to make you feel all the things that you yourself can’t feel on your own. It’s not the other person’s job to make you feel loved, happy and whole when you yourself feel unworthy, unhappy and incomplete.

This is not Their job.

This is Your job!

Ask all from yourself

As someone who grew up thinking that the whole world had what she needed – love, comfort, security, power, validation, safety, etc. I can honestly tell you that this world can’t give you anything.

The world can’t do anything To you or For you.

But YOU can do it all.

You have it all within you.

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” ~ Rumi

You might think that you need someone to make you happy, loved and secure. But trust me when I tell you that you don’t.

You really, really, really, really, don’t!

You have it all within you.

And as long as you will continue to think otherwise, you will be a beggar, and you will give your power away to those people, things, places, and experiences you chase after.

There’s nothing about you lacking. Absolutely nothing!

And if you decide to look within and KNOW this Truth, you will realize that marriage is a place to Share your LOVE, not to Get the LOVE that’s missing from your life. 

We are all sacred beings

If I have learned something from life, is that each and every one of us is a sacred and divine being. And it is our responsibility to treat one another as such. It is our responsibility to treat each other with honesty, dignity, and respect.

This is what marriage is all about.

We’re not supposed to be in a hurry to get married. We’re not supposed to get married just so we can have somebody who will take us from feeling lonely, unhappy and empty on the inside, to feeling whole, ecstatic and complete. Because that wouldn’t be fair for the other person, for our marriage, and ourselves.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment

Marriage is no game. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. And even though your parents, society, your friends, co-workers, your mind, your fears, etc., might tell you that you must get married. And that it is imperative that you do it as soon as possible, you should never allow their fears, insecurities and toxic beliefs to be projected onto you.

Rushing into action, you fail. Trying to grasp things, you lose them. Forcing a project to completion, you ruin what was almost ripe. Therefore the Master takes action by letting things take their course. He remains as calm at the end as at the beginning. He has nothing, thus has nothing to lose. ~ Lao Tzu

Allow things to take their natural course. Don’t try to force things into happening a lot faster than they are meant to happen.

Don’t be in a hurry to get married.

Let life flow.

And if you decide to get married, do it because you have only love in your heart for this person.

If you get married, do it out of TRUE LOVE.

Do it because you feel in your heart it is the right thing to do.

Do it because you know for sure that you will love, honor and respect one another.

Do it because you know that you will make each other better, not bitter.

Do it because you know in your heart that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Do it because you know for sure that you will both blossom as a result of this sacred bond and that you will both become all that life created you to be… Because marriage, just as LOVE, is sacred. And it should be treated as such.

I hope you will treat it as such….

What about you? Why do you think people are in such a hurry to get married. You can share your comment in the comment section below:)

~Love, Luminita💫


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of PurposeFairy.com and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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