Finding Your Superpowers: 3 Steps To Discover Who You Really Are

Every single one of us has superpowers. T.V shows, books or movies with characters that have supernatural powers surround us, but we’re told growing up that it doesn’t exist- that it’s not real. What if I said to you that every single one of us contains a superpower or multiple, and your job is to discover it?

We are all so full of magic, but we’re told that magic doesn’t exist. We limit ourselves to reaching our full potential because of the limiting beliefs society has taught us. We’re scared to know and believe how powerful and exceptional we are, which leads to doubt ourselves.

Finding Your Superpowers

We’re scared to own who we actually are and what we’re capable of because it may be different from people around you, but why should we? Why should we put a limitation on greatness?

We are all beings of love and service, and until you can accept that, you’re not going to fully discover who you are and what you’re fully capable of. What is the superpower that allows you to be a service to other people and yourself?

Growing up I was always on a different vibration from other people, and I felt that. I had no idea why I would take on people’s energies so quickly, felt so drained around large groups of people or why I would know things about people before they told me. As I grew up, I started to see spirits or sense them around me. I would have dreams about situations before they would happen. People would always joke with me and call me a “Witch,” which was something that “ didn’t” exist. I never developed my psychic abilities further and started to shut them off because I didn’t want to be different.

I didn’t know how to handle what I was going through. I didn’t have anyone tell me that I would eventually use this to help other people. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to what I was drawn to and fully accepted it. I allowed myself to develop and just be who I am. I want to be that person to say to you to reach your full potential.

3 Steps To Finding Your Superpowers

Whatever you feel that may have you feeling different from others- listen to it, because babe that’s the divine within you. That’s how you’re going to finding your superpowers.

1. Pay attention to the things you’re attracted to

This may be a genre of books, styles of music, hobbies, certain people & environments. Pay attention to what catches your eye and what puts the fire in your soul. Listen to it and follow the eye of your heart. Grow that flame and turn it into a raging passion.

2. Ask yourself how you can be a service to yourself and others

What can you do that brings joy not only to yourself but makes others feel light, loved and raises their vibration. We are all put on this earth to help each other. This does not have to be in the form of changing their physical health.

3. Own who you are

Own your greatness, and when I tell you this, I don’t want you to think it and move on, I want you to OWN it and KNOW that you are AMAZING. Do not dim your light for fear of being seen or being judged. You let yourself shine, be weird, follow your heart and go your path. You will attract so many things, but most of all find that superpower that you’re searching for. It will show up, as long as you show up for yourself.


Abby Jackson

Abby is a Mind, Body, and Spirit Intuitive coach & Holistic Nutritionist that focuses primarily on coaching her clients to achieve their results through Mind Body Spirit connection, as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Abby helps individuals to understand that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. Well-being comes from not only physical health but mental and spiritual health as well. To learn more about Abby, visit her website, and Instagram Profile.

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