The Secret to Creativity: How to Uncover The Real Secret To Creativity

One of the biggest mistakes you’re making right now is waiting for yourself to get inspired.

If you think you have to go a thousand miles away, travel places, reach the peak of a mountain, meet new people, buy books, or take a vacation in Asia so just inspiration will hit you, you are completely mistaken.

Doing these things will certainly give you more ideas and will probably have a placebo effect on you causing you to think you are already inspired. The truth is, you’re just procrastinating.

Get ready because I’m about to share with you something: the real secret to creativity.

The Real Secret To Creativity

You don’t have to spend money or waste time because all you have to do is just do. Yes, that’s the secret to creativity: just do what you have to do.

Feel like you won’t be able to write that 2000 word article, sit in front of your computer for an hour and see what happens. Think you won’t be able to think of new marketing ideas for your business, try writing one idea then another and then another and see what happens.

The One Video That Changed My Life

Before I felt like I always had to find inspiration, that I need to go to new places so I would be inspired more in life and at work. I did go to different places but I still wasn’t inspired after. I still didn’t have the energy to turn the ideas I have in my mind into reality. To be honest, I think I got more tired.

However, everything changed when I watched this YouTube video on creativity. You must watch this too.

How to Uncover The Real Secret To Creativity

Overall, this narrator said that you should not avoid the problem or the thing you want to accomplish because the more you think of the task you need to do, the more ideas you’ll come up with.

I did what this video suggested and it’s true. I did come up with more ideas and I’m able to do more things because all I have to do is just do and a little push.

What Kind Of Push Do You Need?

It all boils down to what kind of motivator do you need.

Have you noticed that we tend to perform better on the day before a deadline? This is because we’re afraid of the consequences of deadlines. Fears are great motivators. Fear of being a failure, or atychiphobia, is what keeps successful people going and innovating.

Another effective motivator is receiving rewards. My parents basically trained me that if I cleaned up my toys and finished my food, I will get a reward. I still use this trick on me – minus the parents part. If there’s a certain task you don’t feel like doing at all, tell yourself that when you finish it, you’ll give yourself a treat. See if you don’t get motivated.

If you really know yourself, you’ll know what kind of motivator you need, fear or rewards.


Belle Balace

Belle Balace is the Marketing Manager at VLogoAi, an Ai-Powered logo design maker.

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