6 Ways to Become a More Interesting Person
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It’s the thing we all fear: being dull, not being an interesting person.. More than likely, that fear is unfounded. And yet, it persists.

Becoming a More Interesting Person

We all want to be loved, admired, or just be considered good company. Though you should never let fear control you or dictate what you do, personal growth for its own sake is always a good thing.

Not only can it boost your confidence, but it can also help you remember just why you love yourself. Here are six ways to help you become a more interesting person:

6 Ways to Become a More Interesting Person

1. A Sense of Humor

Humor is hard. From content to timing, humor is an art that many attempts and few have mastered. You don’t have to be a stand-up comic to make someone laugh. Keep a couple of jokes on hand for emergency ice breaking. Remember your audience: never crack a dirty joke at work, and keep in mind that offense is in the eye of the beholder. A rotating stockpile of jokes can include the short — puns are always wholesome fun — to the long form — a good Band-aid for awkward pauses at parties. Work on your delivery. Don’t rush a good joke. Practice in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable and know what you’re doing with your hands.

2. Travel

Life experience is one of the greatest gifts when looking for meaning. If you’ve lived, you have things to talk about. Great stories come from travel; it’s the stuff of daydreams and adventure. You’ll see things a lot of people never get the chance to see, and that is inherently interesting. Travel opens you up to new experiences and situations (from meaningful to funny), which can make for excellent stories to tell. Experiencing new cultures also helps you develop independence, creativity, self-reflection, and lends itself to learning, and an educated mind is a conversational goldmine.

3. Educate Yourself

Whether you choose a school or a good book, education can be found everywhere, and in a multitude of forms. It doesn’t have to follow a traditional school format; if math makes you shudder, don’t sign up for math classes. The world is wide and varied, so pick a topic that suits you, and pursues it with abandon. The point is to learn something. If you find a topic interesting, chances are someone else will too. Watch a TED talk, listen to a podcast, or listen to a lecture from the best universities in the world. Whatever your preferred method of learning, there’s something out there for you.

4. Pursue a Passion

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a foodie. Perhaps you considered collecting first edition books but never got started. Whatever your passion is, there’s no time like the present to dive in. Chasing after a passion, whether it’s developing a skill or falling down a rabbit hole of learning, can be transformative, even if it’s a part-time passion. You can go from the person who brings brownies to share with co-workers to the person who hosts the best dinner parties. Making space in your heart for new passions will always promote personal growth.

5. Listen

Jimi Hendrix said, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” A good listener in a world of people who simply listen for their turn to speak is rare and something to be cherished. A good listener makes others feel like their thoughts and feelings are important. It is an act of generosity and kindness. Good listeners also make for excellent conversationalists, as active listening makes you more involved in what’s being said.

6. Get Happy — and Healthy

Misery may love company, but happiness is contagious. People tend to be drawn towards happiness and positivity. Examine yourself and your base tendencies. Are you usually grumpy? Do you complain a lot? Do you have things in your life that pull down your mood regularly? Tackle those first. The better your mood, the more positive your outlook will be.

Health is a major factor in mood. There’s a distinct link between physical discomfort and psychological discomfort. For example, back pain has been proved to raise the risk of mental health problems. If you have a health problem, see a doctor. Make that your new project. Get plenty of quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can be a chronic thing, and it has a profound impact on mood.

Embrace positive thinking. Positive thinking changes your entire viewpoint on the world and yourself. It can have a profound effect on your life, making you not only happier, but more fun to be around.


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