The Dangers of Being Too Nice In a World that Always Wants More from You

“Being too nice can simply be another way of saying someone is uncomfortable with the possibility of letting people down.”~ Dr. Robin Buckley

There’s nothing wrong with being too nice, or is there?

Helping friends, supporting family, and finding ways to get along with people is a beautiful thing. But it is possible that being too nice can actually come with a few side effects. And this makes perfect sense when you truly give yourself the time to analyse your behaviour and what that does to you with the passing of time.

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How so?

Well, you’re always looking to give yourself to the people you surround yourself with because you want to belong, to feel love and appreciated. You want and need to be a part of the community and I will repeat myself, there is nothing wrong with that.

But in this giving of yourself, in this constant need to be a part of a community, you stop being YOU and you start being only what others need and want you to be. You start giving all of you to them, and there is nothing left for you. There is no more room for change, growth, love, kindness, compassion, time or energy left for you to nurture and grow for yourself as an individual independent of others.

Being Too Nice

“We may look good in the eyes of others and yet internally we suffer shame because we know that we’re not being ourselves. When we say how do we know? T hat for many of us there’s an internal knowledge that arises. Now why? Why? Because that essential self hasn’t gone away and it’s calling to us and we don’t feel right when we betray it or when we’re not out of contact with it.”~ Gabor Mate

So, what then? What happens to you when you’re being too nice all the time without considering your own needs and what truly matters for you?

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You wouldn’t think that something negative can come of this when in reality, betraying yourself and not honouring yourself as an individual is a sure path to discomfort, stress and even worse, disease.

Watch this short yet incredibly insightful video to understand how important it is to find a balance between being genuinely nice and supportive of others and still look after your own needs. And in doing so you will most likely inspire others to do the same, because is the end isn’t that how life should be lived?

The Dangers of Being Too Nice In a World that Always Wants More from You

P.S. The wisdom shared in this video can be applied in all areas of your life, with friends, family, children or your partner. So make sure to share it with other people who are might benefit from it. After all, it can only make their lives easier and happier. And who doesn’t want that?


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