How to Align Yourself with Your Heart's Energy

There is something in everyone’s heart that can’t be denied. No matter how much it is pushed down or conditioned out of us, it never dies. The heart is responsible for the spark that keeps you alive; in love, in life, and in health. The heart may get quieter if we choose to stop listening to it, but its message is always there.

The heart’s drive is for every being lives within to fulfill its wishes, to follow the path that brings most joy, love, excitement and all things that make us light up. Society may have its cultural norms embedded into the expectations of what happiness looks like, and this can create conflict and tension when understanding how to listen to our heart and live a fulfilling life. It can be challenging to know what voice is telling the truth; is it the voice of your parents or teachers from school that have stayed with you into adulthood, or is it your heart guiding you?

How to Align Yourself with Your Heart’s Energy

Deep down, the only way to know the difference is to be completely honest with ourselves.

What does your heart say?

How does it feel?

The heart does not lie. Our heart exists within the body to guide us towards what it is we desire, from the inside out. When we stop denying what our heart says, we are liberated.

Are you ready to let the mask down and move in the direction of your heart?

Are you ready for the explosion that may come when you realize you have been denying your heart’s treasure all this time?

There is no shame in becoming aware of what you truly want. I believe it is worse to live a long life in denial than a short one of passion and fulfillment. You can start to listen to your heart today.

You can listen to your intuition, to your feelings. You may surprise yourself, you may even become fearful when you connect to what you really want. But you also know that the journey you and your heart are about to embark on will bring you a new sense of peace and freedom that you are craving.

Your heart does not lie. It is raw, authentic and open. The more time we spend aligning with our heart, the more space we have to give, to create from a place of wholeness and more time to spread happiness to others.

3 Powerful Ways to Align Yourself with Your Heart’s Energy

Here are 3 ways you can align yourself with your heart’s energy:

1. Emotions

Our emotions carry messages from the heart. If you could feel sad, something could be happening that is out of alignment; something that disagrees with our heart’s desires.

2. Presence

Become present. Do things that bring you into the present moment awareness. Meditate, do yoga, or spending time in nature are great ways to bring yourself into the present. When our awareness is clear, inspired actions from the heart can be heard.

3. Ask yourself: What would bring me closer to one-ness?

The idea of being one is a spiritual experience of connection; connection to ourselves, connection to others and connection to our environment. When we take a moment to ask ourselves this question, our heart energy is lit up and its path becomes clear.

The heart is a universal energy that comes from within. It is the invisible energy that connects us to ourselves; it is the force that links us to the collective consciousness. We have all come to Earth with a purpose and a drive to live the most fulfilling life we can. The heart is there pulsing the energy of love, peace, and abundance to you and through you so that it may be expressed in physical form.

My wish is that your heart becomes loud, happy and free!


Helen Cripps

Helen is a spiritual wellbeing writer and astrologer. She lives in Brighton by the sea with her partner David and loves to watch the sunset. She is also a practicing Buddhist.

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