On Learning to Live Life Freely

“Don’t try to understand life. Live it! Don’t try to understand love. Move into love. Then you will know – and all that knowing will come out of your experiencing. The more you know, the more you know that much remains to be known.” ― Osho, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

There’s a common misconception that life is meant to be some crazy rollercoaster ride of chasing after things that we think will make us happy. That myth is just consumerism at its finest. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t know about all the latest gadgets and gizmos that are available to make your life “easier”. That’s a little presumptuous, don’t you think?

Whoever said your life was so difficult or inadequate that you needed something to save you from yourself?

Funny, isn’t it?

Stuff invented by geniuses out of thin air to add to the stresses of your life because “you don’t yet have your hands on that coveted object that is brand new and shiny and somehow in the ownership of it, it will make you more attractive to the people you don’t really know or care about”.

That’s a vicious cycle of propaganda. You’ve never needed anything to be spectacular. All you’ve needed is that same juicy interest in being your greatest self, not that fantastic new object that marketers have spent zillions on advertising to grab your attention. All of that is smoke and mirrors. Diversions to take you away from thinking and acting for yourself.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s wrong to want or have all of the new, cool gadgets and gizmos because it isn’t. I love almost all of it and use some of it myself quite frequently but I do not allow it to use or define me. I am not less than if I’m not waiting out in the cold for the latest releases. I’m still me. Glorious, amazing, funny, kind, beautiful, brilliant me. Not needing anyone else’s approval or blueprint of how your life should look and feel is true rebellion.

On Learning to Live Life Freely

Remember when we were kids and our most valuable time was spent daydreaming out the window?

We’d concoct all sorts of scenarios where we were majestic beings with a badass tribe and we had designs on taking over the world. I wanted to be SHE-RA. I remember watching that cartoon every day after school when I came home. SHE-RA was so strong and powerful and commanding and no one would dare mess with her.

Sometimes visions of that time in my life flash before my consciousness and it makes me wonder what ever happened to that little girl. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the woman who is living in my parallel universe sends me these flashes when I’m not living up to my greatest potential.

On the days when I’m feeling slow and stuck she nudges me and reminds me of my power. Since we are all co-creators with the universe, my greatest self makes her presence known when I need that extra push. I’ve sent these reminders to myself from the future. That’s how powerful I am.

You’re just as powerful, by the way!

I’d be lying if I said that there aren’t times when my mind goes on a wild goose chase thinking that I’m not smart enough, sexy enough, strong enough, successful enough, rich enough, thin enough or worthy enough of love, but, it’s in those such times that I remind myself that, that too is a form of propaganda. It’s just an antiquated conversation with myself from a time when I used to bully instead of love and accept myself.

Who aren’t I?

Who said I wasn’t already thriving beyond my wildest expectations?

Who said my life isn’t already amazing or that my body isn’t already incredible or that I don’t already have everything I could ever want or need?

I think that’s the reason why I first started writing as a teenager. All those doubts on replay used to drive me insane. I knew that those types of thoughts were toxic and I needed to get them out. Thoughts like that are not supportive in any way.

Today, I’m a woman who loves, honors, respects, cherishes and appreciates herself and I’m no longer interested in anyone’s else’s input in my life. It’s very liberating. I’m not defined by anyone or anything. All I need to do is be me.

Possessions don’t complete you. You complete you. And any thought that doesn’t support that is garbage. There is so much confusion that people have because of the untrue, pre-programmed thoughts. You cannot believe everything your mind thinks.

There are so many misconceptions around the idea that having a better body, a better job, a nicer car, a hotter partner, a bigger house, etc will fill the void you feel inside, but, the God’s honest truth is that that feeling will only ever go away when you finally wake up and acknowledge that you are enough without thinking that you need all that crap to prove your worthiness. Living a prosperous life doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be defined by possessions.

To live life freely means you live in mental freedom from wanting. It’s a mindset. Wanting creates suffering. It’s in the knowing of how to use things to your advantage and not as a defining mechanism that you break free. Sometimes when we feel like we’re stuck it’s really only a mental block. We just need a perspective shift.  Perhaps we need to unplug for a few minutes and concentrate on the presence within.

Maybe we’ve given too much of our attention to something that doesn’t serve us and our true self is waiting for us snap out of it. And so it sends us signs letting us know that we’ve started to short circuit. Life is all about vibration, communication and a series of dreams actualized, nothing more. We are not our jobs, our bodies, our possessions, our titles or anything else that is less than skin deep.

We’ve all come forth to Earth with special gifts that we are meant to share. Some sacred talent that the world needs. We’re not here to be fed lies about our lives being in danger by any outside influence. The truth is our minds are our only prison. There is nothing that could possibly harm us more than our own thoughts.

We’re here to coexist in harmony as we are met with lessons that our soul needs for our own personal growth and development. In layman’s terms, we’re here to make a difference in the lives of those we come into contact with, to love fiercely, to attach onto things gently and treat ourselves and others with love, kindness, and respect.

That’s it.

Everything else we do is gravy. And since there will always be an influx of data coming at us every millisecond, coming back to our breath several times a day is the greatest way to arm yourself with the tools to navigate this noisy life.

Yes, it can be challenging to keep our attention on the things that are positively serving us, but that’s where the lessons come into play. Practicing self-discipline along with self-love and self-care is the only way to keep our attention solely focused on our happiness. Learning to only choose life-giving thoughts, habits, beliefs, and activities that promote our betterment.

Everything that is less than love is a distraction that takes you away from being your greatest self.


Anastasia Konoian

Anastasia is a first generation Russian Armenian American. She was raised as a Christian much to her Jewish American mother's reluctance. Today she follows the doctrine of her soul and spirit. Having spent the early part of her twenties in the Cosmetology industry, she discovered that her true calling was much larger and so she decided to explore the dark corners of her mind and came to the conclusion that our great big world is much larger than what meets the eye. Her focus nowadays is leading by example. Leaning into all one million layers of her humanness, she bravely documents her journey of healing, self-love,, and self-acceptance in the hopes that it can assist others in doing the same. Anastasia is currently residing in gratitude, wide open to all of life's infinite possibilities and is excited for what comes next... Get in touch with here via Instagram,Twitter,and Facebook.

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