Love Affirmations and Their Life-Changing Power

Have you ever wondered how self love affirmations can change your life? Or whether it is even possible to do so?

This article will offer a much better understanding of how love affirmations actually work.

Everyone has, at least once, come across a situation that was created by negative thinking. In the end, you even question yourself “ Did I just make this happen by imagining it?”. 

Our thoughts are considered to be powerful enough to affect our moods and thus our circumstances too. Many studies and researches have been conducted on how thoughts can affect the brain

The Life-Changing Power of Love Affirmations

So how can we actually use our thoughts to change our lives? 

The power of positivity is something that everyone has experienced. But not everyone believes that it has any actual effect on the circumstances around us. 

There is one thing that we can all agree on; having a positive mind look, to say the least, helps to stay happy and hopeful. That is exactly the concept surrounding self-love affirmations. 

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are nothing but positive statements that can help one to overcome self-doubt and help with confidence. By affirming, saying it loudly, thinking about it and imagining it, you are slowly convincing yourself of that statement. 

We have seen people using these before in stressful meetings or important events. In fact, we have all been doing it unconsciously and been benefiting from this as well. 

Focusing on self-loving statements have proven not only to affect the mindset of someone but also to aid the brain in thought processes as well, For example, this recent study discusses how self-affirmation can help in improving the problem-solving skills in humans. 

Using these, one can divert the thought from the lack or negative feelings to focusing on what positive outcomes. They have proven to boost the self-esteem and mental health of people and bring positive changes to the outlook towards life. 

How to Use Affirmations?

Affirmations can help one in many ways. When paired with resolute positive thinking, the results are often life-changing. Instead of focusing on the negative mental chanter, put the energy into visualizing the optimistic outcomes of the situation. 

One can use self-love declarations to raise confidence in different areas of life. Whether it is to finish an unmountable task or prepare for an interview, they can prove to be most effective. 

Not only that, these self-love thoughts also help to get rid of negative feelings like impatience, anger or frustration. With continuous practice, it can help to overcome a bad habit, increase productivity, and self-esteem. Eventually, you will see changes in physical health and relationships as well. 

Believe in the Power of the Subconscious

However, as much as it might sound convincing, it might be hard to have faith in it. Repeating any statement without completely believing in it, will not yield any positivity. As Joseph Murphy says, the subconscious mind believes whatever the conscious mind tells them. 

So if one is skeptical about how it will work, or whether it will even work, the subconscious will do the same. While practicing this, it is crucial to believe in yourself and give in to the power of the unknown and the power within yourself that it is indeed possible to achieve. 

Write Your Own Affirmations

There are numerous positive manifestation statements available on the internet. However, It is not necessary to follow the exact same. The best way to use them is to come up with statements that are true to you and for your circumstances. The following points to help with the same. 

  • Find out the areas in life that you want to see a change happen. It could be a physical or emotional change Whether you want to be more fit, or have more courage; whether you live to move or get a better job. 
  • Come up with affirmations that you know could happen. If one does not believe honestly in what they are saying, it will lack the conviction as well. 
  • Target positivity instead of negative phrases. Instead of saying “ I don’t want to be angry”, focus on “I am more patient”. Frame the sentences in the present tense as you have already achieved it. 
  • Be grateful for what is going to happen or what already has happened. Be grateful for how the outcome could turn out to be. Gratitude is a virtue and by stressing on that, you are assured that the result is already what was intended. 

A Few Love Affirmations to Get You Started

To make things easier, here are examples of a few that you might find helpful.

  • I am happy and content with my life. 
  • I am capable of carrying out any task and is praised for it. 
  • I am in a very healthy relationship and loved by my family. 
  • I thrive in positivity. 
  • I am grateful for the wealth and abundance I have. 

Using affirmations might sound easy, but being consistent about it is where everyone fails. Choosing the right one is also important, ones which allow you to have faith and be hopeful. 

Imagine a world where negative thoughts manifest. In fact, it does happen in terms of energy. Every time you think in negative terms, it is manifesting as negative energy. So switch to positivity and with the help of self-love affirmations, see your life turning out exactly how you wanted it to. A


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