No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken

I recently received a book of poems from a friend, and one of the poems immediately caught my attention.  It is called “No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken” and it is about having your heart broken in order to ultimately taste freedom.  But freedom from what? 

You’ll understand what I’m talking about once you read the poem.

The most challenging life experiences have to teach us the greatest lessons and bring to the surface wisdom that we never thought we could possess, and this beautiful poem is a perfect example of that.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken

The heart is an egg and it’s meant to be broken. 
No greater truth has ever been spoken.
Tragedy makes the shell weaker and worn
To allow what’s inside of our hearts to be born.

“But what is born?” you might ask.
Well, what’s beneath and beyond our mask. 
“But what’s our mask?” you will plea.
Well, it’s our ego, which lives fearfully.

The ego wants and needs and fears.
It gives us a voice to express our cheers, 
But what it wants is never enough: 
What can’t kill fear is worthless stuff.

And so we settle for living with fear, 
But that can’t make us happy here.
Then our hearts lead us on with a specific notion: 
A deeper yearning for a fulfilling devotion.

So we allow our hearts to lead us on
In the hopes that our empty feeling will be gone,
But we don’t know that our hearts are made for breaking 
So that what’s inside of them can start its waking.

Expectations not coming through 
Can make us feel deeply sad and blue.
And once we feel our lives falling apart 
That makes way for a broken heart.

When we feel everything coming to an end – 
All the pleasure and all the winning –
We’ll realize it’s not something we ourselves can mend,
And that will be a new beginning!

Then we’ll cryout for HELP and say:
“Hello Eternal Loving Presence.
Please show me the way.”
And we’ll humbly surrender to God’s guiding essence.

After our heart breaks and our ego is dead, 
We will finally feel what it means to be free: 
We will no longer be living inside our head,
And what our heart birthed will taste of eternity.

This is what is meant to be,
And this is why our hearts must be broken. 
What we want most is to be set free.
No truer words were ever spoken.

Consider Jesus Christ and the way that He died. 
This is the GREAT TRUTH Jesus knew very well. 
Jesus rose to Heaven only after being crucified.


David Leon

Rodolfo "David" began writing poems "to scratch with words in places fingers cannot go", as he says in one of his poems. To learn more about Rodolfo, who goes by David, look for "The World Without Walls" on YouTube to find his YouTube channel and watch his videos. You can also contact him at his e-mail address ( to request that he send you the PDF of his book of poems, at no cost to you, if you would like to read more of his poems.

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