The Power of Positivity in a World That Can't Stop Complaining

Have you ever wondered what is the power of positivity and how it can impact your life especially nowadays when you’re surrounded by people that cannot stop complaining?

Wayne Dyer said that if we change the way we look at something, the thing we look at changes. I used to have a very hard time with this. After all, I was a single, working mom relying on food stamps to feed my two little girls. No matter how I looked at it, things sucked.

It took many years before this really clicked for me and I finally began to understand and apply the sentiment. Now I can look back and appreciate all the hard lessons I learned and obstacles I overcame because they helped me relate better to my clients and readers who may be going through tough times themselves. Perspective is everything.

The Power of Positivity in a World That Can’t Stop Complaining

The two main human emotions are fear and love.

Of course, there are many shades in between, but it’s safe to say our biology and psychology fluctuate between these two ends of the emotional and energetic scale.

It doesn’t take much insight to scroll through your newsfeed and be able to immediately spot the people and posts that are vibrating in fear mode versus those who are trying to share the love and inspiration. It’s hard to avoid feeling bad when we hear about devastating news or see people spewing hateful exchanges, but the truth is THAT is when it’s most important to apply Dr. Dyer’s sage advice.

Lots of people talk about gratitude, and science even shows us now how great it is for our health. Keeping a gratitude journal is said to improve our immune systems and even help us sleep better!

Appreciate is another word for love, so naturally, it’s at the very top of the energetic scale. And while we’re all on board with the idea of gratitude, it seems to slip our minds in the midst of chaos and emotionally charged experiences.

However, it’s when we can find things to be grateful for in the more challenging circumstances that we start to manifest faster solutions. For example, if you’re upset because your car broke down, what about being grateful that you have a car in the first place?

Whenever someone tells me they had a fender bender, I immediately say, “That’s great! I’m so happy you’re still here.” In other words, it could always be worse, and it switches the vibe in an instant.

In a world full of distractions, it’s easier than ever to let even the tiniest of triggers send us into anger and fear, but it is those very times when it would serve us (and the whole world) best if we could reach into our blessing bag and pull out the energy of appreciation. 

Here are a couple more examples of how you can do this for yourself:

I’m going to have to pay so much in taxes. I’m blessed to make so much money, and I choose to believe that my money enriches others in whatever way is needed.

I hate going to the dentist. I’m blessed to have a strong healthy smile.

In an energetic world where love and appreciation tend to help us attract more of the things we want and hate and fear tend to repel those same things, it makes good sense to arm yourself with positivity when life gets rocky.

There is always something to be grateful for, and when we make it our mission in life to find it (and to help others find it too), we’ll be rewarded with even more positivity. That’s the power of positivity.


Tamara Dorris

Tamara is a certified hypnotherapist and the author of 20 books. She coaches professionals in the science of manifestation.

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