Missing Meaning in Your Life? These 13 Essential Things Will Definitely Help

“As life is getting more materialistic, all we need is some balance in our lives. Balance can be found by finding meaning in what we already have and in the things we’ve always ignored and labelled as inessential.”~ Shagufta

Life is more beautiful when you feel a deeper sense meaning in it, wouldn’t you agree? And when you realize how simple it is to bring back meaning into your life, you get to make the most of it. And you become more optimistic, more enthusiastic, and more satisfied with each day. 

Life Meaning

So how do you get there? How do you reach a point where life is a beautiful mixture of joy, excitement playfulness, and bliss?

If like many others, you’re not sure how to get there, take into consideration the following things I’m about to share with you today.

13 Essential Things to Bring More Meaning in Your Life

1. Remind yourself about your bigger picture each day.

Have a goal in life or even a purpose to look forward to. Feel proud about it and whenever you feel down, let it guide you that you have some amazing things to do in your life.

2. Move one step closer to your goal each day. 

Work towards fulfilling your goal each day, no matter how small the step is. This way you can watch yourself succeed EVERY DAY because success is not a destination but a journey.

3. Build your confidence daily. 

People aren’t born confident, not even your favourite celebrities, they make it intentional. Practice building confidence by achieving a small task every day. Reward yourself for making a difference in your life and note down your little achievement each day.

4. Acknowledge your efforts.

Say one positive line to yourself daily and know that you’re working towards your goal. Appreciate your work and say that you trust yourself (think how you feel when others say they trust you).

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5. Don’t evade your failures.

Accept that you’ll fail at some point and it’s normal. Don’t regret that you failed but appreciate that you tried and added some value to your life. Think of failure as a new normal and note down your learnings from it.

6. Don’t poke into others’ lives.

When you peak into others’ lives, you avoid yours and I’m sure you don’t want to lose your time chasing others. So, better focus on yourself and change your life.

7. Offer your one meal to someone else (at least once a week).

Intermediate fasting is a real thing and healthy too. You can dive into it and help the needy with your one meal. A lot of satisfaction and prayers are on your way.

8. Open the door for a stranger.

This small gesture shows you’re courteous and who knows you might even form a bond with the person.

9. Hold your anger for once and see magical things happening.

Anger is everywhere, right? But you’d want to stand out from the crowd. Try this once (think of it as a challenge) and you’ll save your precious relationships and health too.

10. Imagine feeling and listening to the fresh air sound.

You don’t have to go out to do that, imagination is enough (bonus points if you do go out). Doing this exercise in stressful times or even in normal situations can make you feel like you’re in a meditation state. This refreshing imagination can calm your nerves down within seconds.

11. Don’t meditate just to meditate.

Meditation isn’t just sitting in a fixed position, focusing and all that. But there’s more to it. The best and easiest way to meditate is to sit idle and observe the things around you that you never pay attention to. This will save you thousands of peaceful hours.

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12. Get used to boredom.

The concept of acceptance of boredom is revolutionary. These days people try to block every minute of their day with tasks and leave no room for free time. This hampers productivity and causes a lot of stress. 

Sitting idle is also a skill now that many people don’t have. And one important thing is that great ideas come from sitting idly when you’re not doing anything important. So, try to bore yourself for once at least and see what happens.

13. Shed your armour and crown of to-dos mindfully.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed because of the loads of work you say yes to. Shedding your tasks and responsibilities for some time can ease your soul greatly and it’s best when you do it mindfully imagining that you’re now freeing yourself from the excessive workload. Picture it in your head and yes, you’ll be at ease almost instantly.

As life is getting more materialistic, all we need is some balance in our lives. Balance can be found by finding meaning in what we already have and in the things we’ve always ignored and labelled as inessential. 

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Though I’m not an expert, I have a life and thus experiences linked with it. This article was a way to express some of my own realisations from life. And a way to help others gain insights from my own experience.

Small steps lead to big changes. When you start taking one step now to improve your life, you can achieve your desired goal at some point. And trust me, the work you do on yourself doesn’t feel like work either. 

Plus, it’s easy to take small steps as you don’t have to plan majorly and can start anytime. So, are you ready to change your life for the better? Do let us know in the comments how you are going to change it one step at a time. 



Shagufta is a budding content writer and an ever-growing learner. She loves the company of nature and writes about everything that has life. She also enjoys connecting with people to gain memorable insights. LinkedIn 

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