The Importance of Self Care During Difficult Times

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” ~ Unknown

This quote truly exemplifies self care.  If your lantern is empty, how are you able to shine bright? 

You must fill yourself up! 

How do you describe self care? Do you often neglect to take care of yourself? 

You may even do this unconsciously. 

Self Care

Many of us have a tendency for this pattern. We feel fulfilled when ‘giving’ and lack on the receiving part.  However, this is a friendly reminder to make yourself a priority

You are valued, loved, and supported by life always. Your opinions, ideas, and voice are all significant. Please know how remarkable you are.  You have an impact on everyone you encounter.

The Life Changing Significance of Self Care During Difficult Times

What is Self Care?

Why am I writing about self care? 

Over the past few months, I recognize that many of us, myself included fail to nurture our spirit. We place people, circumstances or perhaps other scenarios ahead of ourselves. This is done because you are an empathetic being. 

You find joy in uplifting others and want to spread light in any way you can.  I want you to reflect, do you allocate sacred space for yourself? 

Self care requires more of your attention and perhaps daily practice. Give yourself the gift of quiet space, light a candle, maybe even recite a few prayers.  The awareness of being still impacts your daily life.  

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.~ Oscar Wilde

In my opinion, self care and self love intertwine with one another.  Loving thyself is connecting to your heart centre.  It is imperative that you give yourself love. 

Lets take an example of a rose.  It is planted as a seed.  In order for a rose to cultivate, we must talk to it kindly and water it daily.  As each individual petal of the rose unfolds, it begins to grow, with the assistance of the sun and earth. 

We are like the beautiful rose, each petal blooms with the support of sunshine and water = nourishment.  You in hindsight, must water yourself with love, admiration, and compliments daily. 

You are Worthy and Enough

What does a rose symbolize? 

In ancient mythology, roses symbolized eternal love. The rose also represents balance, promises and new beginnings. As each petal blossoms, as do layers of yourself and spiritual wisdom. The scent of a rose is acquainted to love and the essence of the higher power. They do say when we see rose, angels and miracles occur. 

The Mystic Rose has also served as a sign of the Virgin Mary.  Perhaps its time to plant some roses in your garden or treat yourself to a Rose? 

When you see a rose offer a litter prayer to those in need, especially during this time.  

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” – Deborah Day

Do you remember to praise or encourage yourself? 

We truly need to be our own individual cheerleaders.  There is a quote I reflect on with regards to self-love “when you love yourself you glow from the inside out”.  When you love, approve and cherish yourself, life works with you.  You are riding the waves of life with ambition and enthusiasm. 

This day in age we have hectic lifestyles, schedules and deadlines. We try to juggle many tasks simultaneously.  Thinking that we are getting ahead or going against the clock.  This cycle keeps perpetuating until we breakdown.  This is spirit trying to get your attention. It’s gently knocking at your door and waiting for you to open. 

Why can’t we just stop everything and breathe?  Why is it so difficult to take care of thyself and say enough is enough?  

Here is what I ask you to do when you need nourishment:

First and Foremost Be Still.

The Life Changing Significance of Self Care During Difficult Times

Now dismiss your phone, planner, agenda or watch.  Disconnect from everything, labels, titles and whatever else you need.  Plant your feet into the earth.  Place your hands over your heart and breathe.  Really breathe, feel your heart beat, follow this for a few moments. 

Your life is a gift, each day you wake up is a miracle.  Look at the sunrise and sunset and see the vastness of the universe.  Please remember to give yourself daily attention.

Remember to take care of your divine energy. 

You are safe, supported by the universe always.  You are that sacred rose, nourish your spirit.  I recognize that many individuals right now are not able to leave there homes or go out doors. 

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Take this time to meditate, spend time in solitude and with your loved ones. See how you awaken, spread love and kindness. Play your part in helping humanity and stay in joy, and remember that self care should always be on your to-do list.


Nicky Sehra

A graduate of History & Corporate Communications and Public Relations in London, Ontario Canada, Nicky is a modern day spiritual woman who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and being in the company of her family and friends! She loves to teach yoga, travel and to inspire and empower humanity through her writings. Her aim is to leave everyone she meets with a sparkle of kindness, peace and love!

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