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“It is often said that emotional healing is a solitary journey, however, it helps to remember that people have always faced emotional struggles, and we should not be ashamed to ask for help.”~ Alita Pacio

Emotional healing of past pain can be a long and challenging journey, but it is worth the effort. 

Emotional Healing

By taking proactive steps towards healing, you can regain balance in your life and move forward toward living a more fulfilling present. Learn these five powerful steps to help you start your emotional healing journey today! 

5 Effective Steps to Emotional Healing You Need to Practice NOW

1. Acknowledge Your Painful Feelings

Acknowledging your painful feelings is the foundation for emotional healing. Identifying and naming your feelings does not require that we immediately try to fix the problem. 

We can instead choose to simply be aware of what we are feeling in a constructive way. This takes both self-compassion and self-reflection, but these incredibly powerful tools can be used together to begin laying the path towards emotional healing. 

How do we begin acknowledging our painful feelings and memories? The best way to begin is by reaching out for professional help or support from those who are close to us, who can provide us with understanding and compassion when we need it the most. 

Once we receive that much-needed validation, and feel comfortable enough to sit with our pain, we can begin taking active steps in working through our feelings. 

This will look different for everyone – whether its journaling, meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual practice – it’s important to find something that works best for us. 

Personally, journaling gives me comfort. Journaling gives me the opportunity to slow down, understand my feelings and connect with myself. I take time journaling and explore what cause the pain, and why. 

Acknowledging these feelings of hurt while learning how to nurture ourselves through difficult times can be an incredibly liberating experience on the path towards emotional healing.

2. Identify the Cause of Your Emotional Pain

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To begin your emotional healing journey, you must first gain clarity around what is causing your pain.

 If a particular situation or person triggers an intense or overwhelming emotion, it helps to consider both the event and the feeling. When we take the time to understand our emotional triggers, we can start to make sense of our feelings and gather the strength needed to heal. 

Similar to what I have mentioned above, if we take time to explore what cause the pain, we nurture ourselves through painful times and this is what makes us stronger to heal.

3. Express Your Emotions in Healthy Ways

It takes courage to be vulnerable and express what we are feeling. But an important part of emotional healing is developing an assertive voice. When we express emotions, it is easier to come to terms with them.

This means finding healthy, constructive revelations for our emotions in order to gain peace and clarity. 

Often when we think of emotional healing, we think of being detached from our feelings and burying them away; however, releasing our feelings in a truly healthy way can provide far more empowerment than suppression.

 It may feel difficult at first, especially if expressing yourself is not something that comes naturally to you. We all have the capability to process our emotions in healthy ways so that we can heal more deeply and fully. Here are some examples.

Writing, conversations with trusted friends or professionals, art, dance, and physical activities can all be used as tools to help you work through your feelings in a productive way.4.

4. Notice What Is Outside Yourself

It is important to develop an understanding of your emotional experience, but it can be just as useful to notice what is outside yourself. 

Learning to take space from our emotions by focusing on the environment around us can be a great tool for emotional healing. Giving yourself permission to observe the natural beauty that surrounds you and become aware of how nature has its own rhythm can bring feelings of acceptance, joy, and contentment.

Exploring the outdoors can help us heal from whatever emotional pain or stress we are experiencing. Nature is our best friend when it comes to healing. Take a walk, see the clouds in the sky, listen to birds singing and spend some time observing our surroundings. These are just a few examples we can do when it involves nature and exploring the outdoors.

5. Understand that You Are Not Alone in This Journey

5 Effective Steps to Emotional Healing You Need to Practice NOW 4 Surprising Yet Powerful Qualities of Introverts - Purpose Fairy

It is often said that emotional healing is a solitary journey, however, it helps to remember that people have always faced emotional struggles, and we should not be ashamed to ask for help.

We do not need to carry this burden alone. Many people find that talking to close friends or finding a counsellor can be helpful in working through difficult emotions. 

Finding the right support system may require some exploration but can prove invaluable in times of confusion and distress.


Healing yourself doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated process. There are simple, natural remedies that you can use to improve your overall wellbeing and bring more balance into your life. I hope these powerful steps can help you heal emotionally. 


Alita Pacio

AlitaI runs a successful blog called Share to Inspire blog. She is passionate about self growth, positive thoughts, self care and wellness. Her mission is to inspire and empower fellow women. You can visit her site for daily does of inspiration. 

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