How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind

As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.~ Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

When you change your narrative, you change your life. 

As someone who has made it my life’s mission to help others shatter mental limits and live their most fulfilling lives, I fully believe that. 

I’ve spent years combining neuroscience-based mindset coaching with ancient mind/body wisdom to help people rewire the software of their minds for high-speed mindset change, at the cellular level, so they can experience radical reform and massive growth.

How does that work?

Science has proven that our beliefs, not our genes, determine 95% of our decision-making.

Did you know most of these beliefs are in our subconscious?

This is our habitual brain – our automatic hard drive, so to speak.

Often the subconscious is like a minefield of limiting beliefs and old outdated “programs” that are no longer worthy of who you are or who you are becoming.  

These limiting subconscious beliefs affect all aspects of your life including your relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, even your health, and fitness. Rewiring your brain helps you clear a safe path through those “roadblocks” to a new place of expanded potential in every area of your life

Let’s use an analogy of a computer to get a clearer idea of our brains and how rewiring and recoding unlock them. 

In this analogy, our brain is a computer. Our conscious brain is the monitor (the front screen). It can have a few things up on the screen at once and can do a limited amount of things at the same time. In fact, science says our conscious brain can take in 40 bits of information per second.

Pretty good, right? 

The Science Behind Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious brain acts as the hard drive. Not just any old hard drive; a MASSIVE hard drive. It can process 40,000,000 bits of information per second! Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true.

The subconscious brain holds every single memory, every emotion, and all beliefs. The craziest part is, the majority of these beliefs are installed by the environment we inherited before we were seven years old…

Have you ever heard people say, “you’re just like your mother” or caught yourself doing or saying the exact things your parents did or said?

That’s no coincidence. We learn all of our habits from our parents and the environment we grew up in! 

I bet you’re thinking of some common things your parents would say like, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to do good at school or you won’t amount to anything”, and so many more. Unfortunately and (mostly) unintentionally, many of these beliefs are no longer serving us and are undoubtedly self-limiting.

People have tried all kinds of techniques – hypnosis, subliminal audios, tapping – to change their subconscious beliefs into more affirming ones. 

Beliefs for empowerment, self-love, success, wealth, health, etc. can be beneficial. But they’re not nearly as efficient as recoding. The trouble with strategies like creating your ideal life exclusively from belief is that they use the conscious mind to try to change a supercomputer with deep grooves (your subconscious mind). 

With rewiring and recoding techniques, you have the ability to shortcut the change process and replace self-limiting subconscious beliefs, quickly and easily, with powerful self-supporting beliefs for a long-lasting change. It’s actually quite simple to recode self-limiting beliefs into self-supporting beliefs at the subconscious level. 

Wouldn’t you like to be able to attract what you really want and feel worthy at the same time?

When you are programmed at such a young age, it can be extremely challenging to recode/rewire the brain and have the long-lasting change you desire. Your undoubtedly devoted, protective parents, teachers, etc. installed all of their insecurities, their mindset, and their own limitations onto you.

Conscious awareness and energy psychology can be extremely effective in helping you break free from those limitations to step into your own most fulfilling life. 

I have found with my own experiences and the experiences of my clients that the long-lasting change of subconscious beliefs can have a huge impact on self-esteem, self-worth, success, business, fear, love, relationships, spirituality, and every area of life.

It’s your subconscious mind that is the storehouse for our attitudes, values, and beliefs. So it just makes sense to go to the root and flip the script.

Rewiring your subconscious mind helps you change your expectations and beliefs so you can take inspired action and reprogram your beliefs at the subconscious level. 


Hilary Porta

Leaving behind a successful career as a corporate strategist, Hilary has spent the last decade diving deep into neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavior, industrial psychology, theology, and Advanced PSYCH-K®. She uses these modalities to help both everyday people and celebrities connect the dots, see the blindspot to get unstuck using brain-based strategies, and recoding the software of their minds so they can experience radical and rapid growth personally, professionally, and relationally. As a mindset expert, Hilary helps elite performers shatter their deepest limits and live their best lives.

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