10 Powerful Lessons to Learn During Difficult Times

The most powerful life lessons are learned during difficult times, and I think you’re going to agree with me that once you look back at what you’ve learned so far.

Nobody wants to experience difficult times though and it’s not just you.

Difficult Times

It is human nature to look for comfort. We all want to be happy, and at peace, always.

However, sometimes life forces us to step out of our comfort zone. To face challenges, to go through tough times. 

Because when have we ever grown when in comfort? 

It has never been easy for a seed to believe it can be a tree or the caterpillar to leave the comfort of her home to become a butterfly. 

10 Powerful Life Lessons You Learn During Difficult Times

Starting today, we shall change our perspective of how we look at difficult times. By looking at the powerful life lessons that we learn out of difficulty.


Here are 10 powerful life lessons to learn during difficult times:

1. During difficult times you learn humility.

It’s only when we come face to face with a situation beyond our control, that we realize the grand placement of things. Helplessness forces us to see something bigger that exists, out of our control. 

It is only through humility that we learn to let go and surrender. And surrender carries the greatest powers of all. 

Only when you surrender, you learn how to flow smoothly with the current. 

2. You Learn to Count Your Blessings.

More often than not we look at what is lacking in our lives. But when difficult times come, you have to look at your strengths and your resources to wade through it. 

Difficult Times Your Soul's Journey: A Message from Your Spirit Guides

In the process, you learn to count your blessings. You learn Gratitude, the best tool to be abundant, at all times. 

3. During difficult times you learn to look at the ‘collective’.

Often times, difficulties you face aren’t a result of your direct action (or so you think) – like Corona Virus pandemic. All of us are interconnected.

A wrong action by someone else may affect you badly and vice versa. Using plastic may not seem wrong to you in your daily life, but the collective garbage will come to haunt you one day. 

Such times teach us to look at the ‘collective’ and always be responsible in our actions, hence making conscious decisions.

4. You Learn to Explore Your Full Potential.

As a very popular saying goes, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Yes, you have to go on amidst difficulties, that is the sign of a true warrior. 

The human spirit is indomitable and when you are faced with challenges, the spirit shines forth. We don’t know what we are capable of unless challenged.

In hardship, lies the opportunity to grow tremendously, at once.

5. During difficult times you learn to live.

Yes, that’s right. You learn to live. 

Don’t you remember every little detail of how you overcame a certain challenge?

Because you feel more, you observe more, you are involved more when you are challenged. All your senses are working to their best, laziness is not an option, you come alive!

6. You Learn To Be Available, For Others.

Self-focus is required to get through in life and most importantly to get ahead in today’s life. Although great things are only achieved when we start working together. 

To get out of difficulties you start looking around, you become open for collaboration. You see some people standing by you and some leaving. You understand the value of true friendship, of the authenticity in connections. 

As a result, you become available to the life around you. 

7. During difficult times you learn that life goes on.

Difficulties may take any form but they are always accompanied by a lack of resources of different kinds. Lack of money, lack of emotional support, lack of mental and physical strength. 

Whatever the case may be, you always learn to do with what is available. Life goes on. 

And if you keep a positive attitude, you surprisingly realize that things can be managed in-spite of the lack of resources of any kind. You learn to draw from your inner pool of happiness. 

8. You Learn to See What Truly Matters.

They say the most valuable things in life come free. Heartfelt laughter with a friend, a deep conversation with your life partner, a smile from a stranger, a restful sleep, a healthy body, and mind.

Well, guess what, most of this shall still be available to you, even in your difficult times. All you need is to have faith, do your best and leave the rest to the divine creation.

Difficult Times

9. During difficult times you learn to recognize patterns in your life.

Difficult times doesn’t mean we are set up to fail, rather it means that someone wants us to win, over and over again. 

Learn to read between the lines. Study your challenges, see them closely, is there a pattern?

Most probably there is, and if there is – that is your lesson, right there.

Learn it and move on.  

10. You Learn the Value of Experience

Last but not the least, you learn that the only true wisdom you have is of experience. 

Learn to not judge your experiences always as good or bad. An experience is an experience, it is important – always. What is more important is what you learn from that experience. 

If your path is more difficult, it is because your calling is higher.

Embrace it.

Let nothing hold you back or shake your faith in life. From darkness sprouts the light. Get up and reset yourself, committing to look at difficulties from a fresh perspective.

Yours Truly!

P.S. What about you? What are the most powerful life lessons you’ve learned so far during difficult times? Feel free to share any of them with us, feel free to do so in the comments section bellow.


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