5 Reasons to Let Go of Toxic Friends

“Toxic friends can be measured by how heavy your heart becomes. Yes, it cannot be avoided that friends fight but constantly making each of your tempers get the best of you or fighting over irrelevant things is not normal.”  ~ Jenniffer Jacksons 

I bet there is nobody in this world that doesn’t have friends or experience having friends.

Friends refer to the people that swore to stand by you every step you take. They are also the ones that promised to have your back when opportunities don’t go your way. They are among those people on this planet that you can consider as family. The bond you have formed together gets stronger as time goes by.

Perhaps you have had a couple of arguments and petty fights with them, but that’s what friends do right? Friends fight, reconcile, and laugh everything all away as if nothing happened.

They can either be your refuge when almost everyone turns their backs on you or your safe haven when you think life is beating you so hard. But sometimes it cannot be avoided that you, once in your life, have fallen into a circle of toxic friends and you feel like there’s no way out.

Whenever you are in this type of situation, always remember that you are the captain of your ship, and every decision that you will make depends on you.

So, gather all your guts and courage to face the biggest challenge in your social life. But before that, here are some of the reasons why it is okay to cut off toxic friends in your life.

5 Reasons to Let Go of Toxic Friends

1. You Let Go of Toxic Friends For Self Care.

Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself because you are focused on taking care of others, particularly your friends. There can be moments that your bond starts to get loose and your attitudes clash more often. As a result, you tend to overlook the value of yourself because you have been busy showering your attention to your friends.

So, please remind yourself that taking care of yourself must always come first before you can take care of others, and you shouldn’t feel selfish or bad about it.  

2. You Let Go of Toxic Friends For Self Reflection.

When you are having fun, you tend to overlook the more important things in your life. Self-reflection is among those things that you brush off in order to deal with what you perceive as the “more significant” matters.

That is why you often allocate your time by meeting your friends, hanging out with them, drinking until you all drop, and turning nights into days. But the change in your habits and lifestyle cause by the mere thought and action of having fun becomes greater each day, and you will never notice it before it becomes toxic.

The moment you start to realize things are not that fun and amazing, you will crave for clarity. Hence, taking some time for yourself and self-reflection will help you realize that some of your friends are becoming toxic and staying away from them can be the best option. It is not being selfish; instead it is showing that you are becoming the bigger person.

3. You Let Go of Toxic Friends to Unload Some Burdens.

Please do yourself a favor and stop denying that you are “fine” with the way things have been in your circle. Toxic friends can be measured by you on how heavy your heart becomes. Yes, it cannot be avoided that friends fight but constantly making each of your tempers get the best of you or fighting over irrelevant things is not normal.

The more you keep the bond the heavier your heart becomes. So, please remind yourself that it is fine to cut off some toxicity in your social life in order to unload the excess baggage that you have been keeping in your heart for so long.

4. You Let Go of Toxic Friends for Growth and Maturity.

Before you can achieve the development that you both need and want, you have to accept that some parts of your life are not fully allowing you to grow. You have all the power in this world to create a change that will benefit not just you but the people around you.

It can be a tough process to face your friends and spill all the reasons why you want to end your ties with them. But, trust me; you are doing each of you a favor. It can be a little too hard at first but you are taking the first step for growth by making your friends realize where they, including you, went wrong.

Remember that there is no person in this world that will love you for who you are and will be there for you other than yourself.

5. You Let Go of Toxic Friends for Genuine Happiness.

Happiness can be the hardest emotion to comprehend and evoke, especially a genuine one. Although there are a lot of means that can teach you how to achieve both happiness and self-development — such as the book The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience by Peter Justus, it cannot brush off the fact that being genuinely happy takes a lot of courage.

Just like how you need a lot of guts and bravery to cut off your friends. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be friends again; there will always be chances for reconnection. But for now, make your happiness a priority so that you can share it with others genuinely.


Jenniffer Jacksons

Jennifer is a professional writer and amateur photographer. She writes for ReadersMagnet during the day and goes on photo walks at night. She is a travel enthusiast who loves to take photographs of people and write stories about cultures. Aside from writing and photography, her other interests include painting and cooking.

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