10 Awesome Tips to Be More Productive and Have A Super Successful Year

Being more productive is a skill that needs to be worked on all the time. It doesn’t just happen naturally, you need to be conscious about how you set yourself up to be more productive.

Some of the most successful people in the world are also more productive. Think Elon Musk, he manages to run Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company all at the same time.

How does he manage to do all this? The answer – he is still extremely productive and conscious about what he does for every minute of the day.

This post will not turn you into the next Elon Musk, however, it will show you 10 ways that you can make this year your more productive than ever.

10 Awesome Tips to Be More Productive and Have A Super Successful Year

1. Eliminate Distractions

Remove all unnecessary items from your workspace, anything that could distract you.

For example, this could mean leaving your phone in a different room or turning off your email notifications, or even removing your computer from the room itself.

If something is distracting and doesn’t help with completing the task at hand it needs to go.

2. Prioritize

At the start of every day work out everything that you need to get done, then make a list and order it by priority.

By doing this it means you will complete your most important task first before anything else crops up and distracts you.

Even if you get nothing else done, at least you know the most important task got done first.

3. Batch Grouping

Start grouping smaller tasks into batches. This could be anything such as replying to emails, making calls, or sending out letters.

Any repetitive tasks should be grouped together in order to get them done quicker. It means you concentrate all of your attention on those tasks for a set amount of time.

4. Don’t Multitask

Despite multitasking often being lauded as a good thing. It’s not, and the science proves it.

Lots of studies show that if you want to be more productive you need to focus on one task at a time. Stop juggling lots of different jobs at the same time.

Similar to batch-grouping, focus on one thing at a time as you will get the job done quicker.

5. Wake Up Earlier

Just getting up 1 hour earlier than you otherwise would is a great way to get more done with no distractions.

Your house will be quiet, there will be no email notifications or messages buzzing continuously.

To get the most out of the extra hour, plan what you are going to do the night before so you don’t waste time when you wake up thinking about what you are going to do.

6. Create An Evening Routine

By getting into a set evening routine it can help to make you more productive the next day.

You can start by planning out what you need to do the following day, meal prep your lunch, or get the kid’s school uniform ready.

You can incorporate anything that you think will make life easier for the following day.

7. Have Big Goals

If you have no goals it’s hard to find the motivation every day to get anything done.

If your goals are clearly written down and in front of your mind every day you will find you are much more motivated to be more productive every day.

A little tip is to write your biggest goal down and have it clearly visible wherever it is you work.

8. Say No More

Make sure you run your own day and don’t let others run your day for you.

If you have goals and a clear plan of what you need to do every day then you should find it easy to say no to people who want your time.

Get what you need to get done each day, then after that open up your time to others.

9. Take Breaks

This sounds a bit counterproductive but it really does work.

When you have lots to get done you can sometimes feel like you cannot stop until you get it all done.

However, the reality is that it will slow you down. You need to continually recharge your batteries. Go for a 5-minute walk or make a cup of coffee. You just need something to break up your tasks.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the important factors in how productive you will be on any given day.

Get enough and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Get too little and you will feel sluggish and tired.

Research says will aim for between 7-9 each night. Try to set a fixed time you go to bed and wake up as it will make it easier to get the right amount of sleep.

Hopefully, the list above has given you some ideas about how you can be even more productive every day. The trick is to start implementing some of them right away.

Most of the ideas are relatively straight forward, you just need to be conscious and consistent with them to see the benefits.

If you are able to implement all of them this year, it will help you to have a more productive and successful year than ever before.


Adam Jones

Adam writes for The Growth Reactor which is a blog that will help you upgrade your life at start-up speed. The Growth Reactor provides the latest actionable insights and tips on the most popular self-development trends to help you build the right habits to help you achieve all of your goals.

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