5 Stress Management Techniques With a High Impact on Your Mental Health

Stress – Whether it’s stemming from work or your personal life, stress can have a big effect on your mind and body.

While there are no “quick fix” solutions to completely eliminate your stress, there are some easy to implement stress management techniques you can use to help yourself feel less overwhelmed.

These stress management techniques will help you address common stressors that might be leaving you feeling stressed out. 

This post is going to provide 5 low effort stress management techniques that will have a high impact on your mental health.

5 Stress Management Techniques With a High Impact on Your Mental Health

1. Pause and take a deep breath

When you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed, it can be helpful to just pause and take a deep breath. Try to break away from the many thoughts racing through your mind and give yourself a little mental break.  

Take slow deep breaths until you feel your heart rate return to a normal pace.

Now, you’ll be able to tackle whatever is stressing you out with a more relaxed mindset.  

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a good tool that you can use to reduce stress and overwhelm.

Mindful meditation can benefit your stress management in a couple of ways. First, it you develop a habit of focusing on the present moment, lessening worries about the future and things that aren’t in your control.

Mindfulness is also an exercise that can help you discover the root causes of your stress and anxiety because while you meditate and focus on your breath, naturally repetitive thoughts will come to the surface.

The thoughts that come up during meditation will help identify the deeper issues that are causing you stress.

3. Physical Activity

Exercise is a useful stress management technique that might not be what you immediately think of when looking to reduce stress.

You don’t need to spend a ton of time at the gym or sign up for intense fitness classes to feel the stress reducing impact that exercise will have on your mental health.

There are plenty of different way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine – walking, attending a yoga class, going on a hike, or working out at home.

Even if you can only dedicate 15 minutes per day, any kind of physical activity can have a large impact on your stress and mental health.

4. Clean and Organize Your Home

Your home should be a relaxing oasis, not something that makes you feel even more stressed out.

If you have a stressful day at work, it will not help to come home and find a disorganized mess.

Tidying up and organizing your living space will help you feel more organized overall and it will reduce stress overall.

5. Find Small Ways to Save Time Throughout the Day

Another common stressor is by simply not having enough time in the day to get everything on your to-do list done. At the very least, you might be stressing that there won’t be enough time to get everything done.

To address this, try to find small ways to save yourself time throughout your daily routine to alleviate some of that stress.

One way to do this is by meal prepping for the week ahead of time so you don’t have to cook after work.  Another way to do this is set your clothes out the night before so you don’t spend time in the morning thinking about what to wear.

Finding small ways to save time can really add up in the long run.

And remember, only commit to what you can handle without getting super stressed out. If your schedule is overwhelming, think about what you can take off of your to-do list or say no to.

Those are the 5 low effort stress management techniques that will have a high impact on your mental health.

No matter how stressed or overwhelmed you are not alone – everyone feels that way at times.  Use these tips to reduce your stress and overwhelm.

You will be on the road to less stress in no time!


Erin Amborski

Erin is a self care enthusiast and blogger. In her blog, Self Care Seeker, Erin helps women through their self care journeys by writing about physical and mental health topics such as exercise, skin care, anxiety, etc. In today’s world with life’s daily stresses, we could all use a little more self care. To embark on your own self care journey, check out https://www.selfcareseeker.com/ and subscribe to download free life changing self care resources.

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