How to Use Subtle Energy to Fine Tune Your Life

In recent years, subtle energy healing has become a wellness phenomenon in mainstream media and culture; however, the study of the existence of a type of universal power and the practice of manipulating it have been around for thousands of years.

Eastern Indians call it Prana. Chinese call it Chi. In North America, it’s called Subtle Energy. Whatever name you choose to use, it refers to the vibrational world that connects all living and nonliving things. 

Because the world of Subtle Energy is invisible to our eyes, many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around it. Some completely denounce the idea altogether; while others, think energy work is reserved for yogis, psychics, and shamans.

The truth is though, we all live in it. Most are just unaware of it. If we decide to live there consciously, with the right tools and training, anyone can learn to detect and use Subtle Energy. You probably even have already come into contact with this energy without realizing it.

How to Use Subtle Energy to Fine Tune Your Life

Have you ever had a weird feeling in your gut when getting into your car to drive somewhere and ignored it, then gotten into an accident later and kicked yourself in the butt for not listening to your gut feeling? Or are there people that you inexplicably feel better and more at peace with as soon as you’re near them? These are all examples of how we interact with the invisible world of Subtle Energy. 

You may also have experienced Subtle Energy if you’ve ever had an alternative medicine treatment done, like acupuncture or reiki. These holistic health modalities work to balance the flow of energy in the body.

Subtle Energy has been researched all around the world and is applied in many fields, but there is still a lot unknown about it. Along with medicine, knowledge of Subtle Energy is also applied in technology, business, psychology, and even the training of astronauts in some countries.

You too have the tools to use this type of energy consciously to practically benefit both your day-to-day and professional lives, but first we should look at what Subtle Energy is and how it functions.

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What is Subtle Energy?

As we’ve mentioned, Subtle Energy refers to the deepest level of reality in which all things are interconnected. The Subtle Energy field is neither electromagnetic, nor gravitational in nature. Therefore, the Laws of Nature operating there are very different from the ones you learned at school.

Everything in the universe – whether animate or inanimate (this includes our thoughts and emotions) – is also vibrational in nature. Whenever you have a thought, you are sending unique vibrations out into the world. Whenever you pick up an object, you are receiving its unique vibrations. Ultimately, all things are made of Subtle Energy’s vibrational content, use its vibrations, and contribute their own vibrations to it. 

There are intriguing properties of these vibrations. While vibrations are produced by an object, they go into its vibrational part – the Energy field (aura) – where they stay until the object is no longer around.  At the same time, they also go somewhere where they stay forever. This somewhere, Quantum Physicist Dr. David Bohm, called the Cosmic Hologram.

The Cosmic Hologram has stored vibrations from the past, present, and future. We can train ourselves to tap into needed vibrations, pull them out, turn them into ‘holograms’, and analyze them as if they were the object itself. The object could be on the other side of the globe, or not even exist anymore, but the information about it will stay forever in the Cosmic Hologram’s storage.

When you learn how to analyze vibrations, it can reveal valuable information about yourself and the world around you. Doctors who use Subtle Energy in their practices, for example, may observe certain organs in the body and their vibrations to determine if those organs are sick based on the quality of the vibrations – i.e. heavy, hot, fuzzy.

When you first start working with Subtle Energy, understanding and finding meaning in what comes up may be challenging. However, the more you sense different vibrations, the better you become at interpreting them. With practice and experimentation, you can develop your own system of decoding information to guide you in all areas of life.

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Using Subtle Energy to Fine Tune Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

When we understand that everything in the world carries information coded in vibrations, how Subtle Energy can be helpful in everyday life becomes clear. The information we extract from these vibrations can help us answer questions we may have about a particular object or the characteristics and abilities of another human being.

For that reason, Subtle Energy can be applied when looking for the best candidate for a job, determining your compatibility with a friend or romantic partner, buying the right house for you and your family, or assessing how certain foods or medications are going to react in your body. These are just a few ways Subtle Energy can guide you toward a better life, and there are many, many more.

Overall, learning more about the vibrations that you and everything else produce and how you can become better attuned to those vibrations will allow you to make better choices when it comes to your health and happiness. As you’ve probably guessed, ancient practices that focus on the balancing of body, mind, and energy – like yoga, tai chi, and meditation – can be great for tapping into the world of Subtle Energy.

There are also many workshops, presentations, and books out there surrounding the topic, which offer information and exercises you can practice to tap into vibrations. The world of Subtle Energy is vast, but once you start exploring it, a whole new way of perceiving life and the world will open up to you. 


Olga Strashun

Olga is the co-founder of the Strashun Institute, a Subtle Energy researcher, author, public speaker, and the owner of the Wellness Counselling practice (1990-2019). After working as an MD in Russia and training in the field of Subtle Energy at the multidisciplinary research laboratory founded by the USSR Ministry of Space for many years, Dr. Strashun immigrated to Canada with her husband and two sons to continue her research and investigation in Subtle Energy.

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