5 Tips to Help You Find a Fulfilling Career

By being smart and listening to your heart, you will find yourself a fulfilling career you can be proud of…

It is an undisputed fact that most individuals start working with some major goals like financial independence, career achievement, and a sturdy payroll.  But as time goes by, you realize that the source of real job achievement is deeper. 

The only thing that measures our satisfaction with our job is the feeling of pride and enthusiasm with which we do our work daily. Another is being proud of our achievement and where we are heading with our work. 

Every job has its pros and cons and as well as ups and downs, but your total level of happiness with your fulfilling career is solely dependent on the pride you respond with when you are asked what you do. 

Here are 5 important tips to help you find a fulfilling career you can be proud of and that will always bring you joy, happiness, and a sense of completeness.

5 Important Tips to Help You Find a Fulfilling Career

1. If you don’t like a job, don’t take it.

Sure, you have to pay for rent, utility, and some other things that money has to take care of.  But, that does not mean you would take up any work that comes your way. This is a very important factor if the work does not align with your short or long term goal or if it doesn’t match your interest or lights a spark in you. 

Even though it’s easier said than done, try and think of the future when on the job hunt or when you are making a significant career change.  Always have in mind that you might need to take a step back or even step sideways at times to reach your main goal.

There would almost always be another alternative accessible instead of staying at a career that does not make you happy, even if it means taking a pay cut for a while.  If feasible, look for a position that tallies with your main and total career aspirations. 

2. Exit each job gracefully.

You might have had a boss that is overbearing every day and makes work stressful for you. It is advisable to be professional and the utmost civil. You never know who your former boss knows and leaving your previous job in a kind of rude or bad strategy may impact your future career negatively.

Always take a new job with a grateful heart and be humble. Leave the job when you want to in the same tone; this way, you can positively impact your future career. 

3. Find a mentor.

You may have a large and unclear idea of how you would want your career to grow, but jumping on every job without some guidance or mentoring can be quite intricate.

You will find out that as your career grows and take its turns, you may need some mentors during this process.  Learning from individuals that have gone through a similar path can give you luxury when you have to make certain decisions or when you have to take up new tasks and responsibilities. 

4. Pursue your passion.

You may have gathered some praise over the time of your career, but they won’t hold useful worth unless you are doing something you love and find achieving.

Chasing dreams can usually become highlights of a former career, and these types of challenges can encourage you to take more chances in the future.

5. Be memorable.

Being a worthy employee that’s remembered long after you’ve left is a sign of success.  While your career is progressing, you’ll surely have times that you’ll pause and look at everything that you’ve achieved. By being smart and going with your heart, you will find yourself a fulfilling career you can be proud of. And by doing so, you can also be an inspiration for others that are on the same path as you were.


Doreen Morisson

Doreen Morrison is a grandmother who wants to make the world a better place so her family can live on a happier earth. She strongly believes that doing work that has meaning and creates a legacy is one of the keys to lasting fulfilment and happiness. Follow her on Facebook.

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