The Huge Difference Between a Twin Flame And a Mirror Soul

There has been so much debate and false information out there about what a Twin Flame is. And for many of us who truly have them, have met ours, and have done the work with them, we will most likely all say the same thing: this is not the fairy tale love you are looking for.

When we understand its’ role, we begin to realize that this person is different from our soulmate. This person won’t be able to bring us the level of fulfillment we are seeking when it comes to a long-term and satisfying relationship.

Twin Flames are catalysts, not the end results we seek. When we enter into a Twin Flame dynamic there is most likely going to be a lot of turmoil, arguments, breakups and breakdowns.


It is because this person is designed to force us to face the part of ourselves that we least like and face our truth. This is not an easy or joyous ride, and it is certainly not the destination we should be seeking as the Twin Flame journey is just that, the journey; not the destination itself.

Think of how fire works in a purifying way. It helps to remove that which is no longer useful or thriving and it brings that which it burns back into its original state. This is the purpose of the Twin Flame relationship; to help us shed that which no longer serves us and to help us awaken so that we can remember who and what we truly are.

One of the best ways to recognize that the universe is leading us to our Twin Flame is when we start noticing the 1212 angel number or other angel numbers sent our way. Whether the two people realize and see these numbers or not, they should be around if they know where to look for them.

Twin Flames are very powerful, karmic relationships, but they should not be confused with a Mirror Soul.

The Huge Difference Between a Twin Flame And a Mirror Soul

Mirror Souls are those who truly are a physical embodiment of our own soul that we have chose to come into union with, in our current lifetime. This is the ultimate destination we are seeking when we feel that pull as if there has always been someone else out there that we are meant to find.

Some people go through their whole lives without finding ‘the one,’ and up to their dying day, they still feel that yearning toward someone or something that will make them feel complete. It could happen when the person isn’t open to receiving the messages from the universe or when they ignore the signs they receive throughout their journey.

The Mirror Soul union is the destination portion of the Twin Flame journey.

In my new book Mirror Soul, I share about the origination of Mirror Souls and how important their work is to humanity. Not everyone who has incarnated in this lifetime has a Twin Flame or a Mirror Soul. Not everyone who has incarnated in this lifetime has a Mirror Soul, though they may have a Twin Flame.

Souls must have a Twin Flame in order to have a Mirror Soul because the Twin Flame journey is preparatory to the Mirror Soul union. This is why so many people get stuck in their Twin Flame journey and struggle to let go, because they believe that their Twin Flame is their Mirror Soul. We have believed this for a very long time.

June 10th, 2021 activates the Mirror Soul Awakening with the Gemini Eclipse Portal. As many Twin Flames begin their activation, they will also begin to remember their true Soul’s Reflection and will release their Twin in order to find their true mate. This is the missing link of the information so many of us have sought for years. It is the Mirror Soul relationship that is the connection so many of us have been seeking.

For those still unsure of how to distinguish the two, here are some differences between Twin Flame and Mirror Soul relationships:

Twin Flames

  1. They are the teachers – they help us to learn about ourselves and to remember our origins.
  2. They activate us – they typically trigger our spiritual awakenings.
  3. The relationships are chaotic. There is a lot of chaos in a Twin Flame relationship due to the fact that the other person it designed to make you face your shadow.
  4. Lots of breakups and getting back together.
  5. Feeling constantly drawn to the other even when the relationship feels toxic. This is because the work isn’t complete, and your soul is pulling you towards this person to finish.

Mirror Souls

  1. You find them after you have found closure in your Journey
  2. The relationship is easy, mature, respectful, and lacks the drama and chaos of a Twin Flame connection.
  3. Is based off respect and a desire to consciously grow together.
  4. Feels blissful, peaceful, serene, and deeply satisfying.
  5. You no longer feel as if you are looking. There is a feeling of completion.

It is through the growth that the Twin Flame journey provides that prepares us for the true union of our souls. There is one minor plot twist – it can turn into a Mirror Soul once the Flame work is complete, but this is rarely the case.

Both the relationships should flow naturally, and no one should force them. People can only grow when they take the process in their stride and learn as they go along. When they remain closed for this part of their journey, they may never reach their fullest potential, and their relationships may never bloom as both hoped they would.

Trust yourself, you will feel it and you will know.

This is a beautiful journey that only old souls choose. If this is a journey that you have chosen, thank you for being on this path and doing the work. Before you know it, the Twin Flame and Mirror Soul in your life will make themselves known, just give it time and be open to receive all the wisdom the universe delivers.


Nancy Cooper

As a young child Nancy began remembering a man whom she had never met, but missed very dearly. She later came to realize this man was someone whom she remembered from a past life and that she had come to this life to heal the wound of his loss and the trauma she had experienced around it. This revelation led her to discovering the connection between past life trauma and it’s effects on our current life experiences and has written and published book one of a series that shines light on this topic, Witch’s Wound. Witch’s Wound represents the wound women carry from past life traumas into their current life that result in a deep fear of being seen and recognized for their gifts and abilities. You can follow Nancy on Instagram and Facebook for more of her work and wisdom.

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