5 Beautiful Ways to Reconnect with Your Higher Life Path

Your higher life path or timeline is your most aligned life path. When you’re on your higher life path, you live life in flow, commonly experience synchronicities, and feel in tune with the Universe.

Your Higher Life Path

The channeled book Creating Money, Attracting Abundance states, “By choosing your higher path, you will accelerate your growth, aliveness, and abundance.”

The question, though, is: “How?” How can we get onto our higher vibrational life’s path to thrive and speed up our evolution?

Here are five things we need to achieve this.

5 Beautiful Ways to Reconnect with Your Higher Life Path

Are you familiar with the work of Rob Schwartz? He’s a hypnotist specializing in in-between-life regression who wrote several books such as Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift.

Through his work with clients as well as numerous mediums, he’s received many insights to help us step onto our higher life path.

Here are some of his findings.

1. Follow the Clues and Stop Making Excuses

Rob says that excitement is the most important clue indicating our higher life path. We must do what excites us and brings us joy.

It sounds easy, but it’s not always the case. It’s not just about noticing our excitement; we must follow it.

Most of us know what we love to do. However, we don’t always allow ourselves to do it. We make excuses, most often because of fear and insecurity. We may think, “I don’t have time for this,” or “I don’t know how to do it,” or “That wouldn’t be responsible,” or “I’ll do it later.”

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If we put our dreams and desires on the back burner for too long, feelings of anxiety, confusion, and disappointment can eventually arise. That’s because we’re not honoring our “dharma”—our purpose and higher life path—and that’s our soul’s way of letting us know.

Your excitement signals that you’re moving in the right direction. Don’t ignore it.

2. Do More of What Creates Time Distortion

Another clue we’re on our higher timeline, according to Rob’s work, is time distortion or being in a state of flow. That very focused, present, and pleasurable state makes us lose track of time and forget about everything unrelated to what we’re doing at that moment.

When do you lose track of time? Think of active activities, not passive ones like watching TV or scrolling on Instagram—those are generally not very constructive. For me, I lose track of time when I write and edit videos. Once you’ve identified activities that get you in a flow state, try to do more of them. These experiences signal that you’re getting onto a higher timeline.

3. Follow Inspiration

Inspiration is a direct message from spirit (inspiration actually means “in spirit”). It comes from a part of you beyond your mind and intellect. It can be a creative idea, an impulse to call a friend, or the idea to move to another city. It could also be that you’ve been working on your computer all day and suddenly feel the urge to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Again, we often discard inspiration, thinking it’s silly or illogical. We may think, “I can’t go for a walk; it’s raining!” or “He must be busy right now; I don’t want to bother him. I’ll call him another day.”

Next time this happens to you, remember that following inspiration gets you onto your higher timeline. Again, don’t ignore it.

4. Love Life for All That It Brings You

Another key aspect of being on your higher life path is living in a state of gratitude. It must become your default state, which will likely require more than just writing down three things that you’re grateful for every day.

It also demands that we learn to see the positive in every challenge.

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In Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift, Rob explains the importance of seeing the deeper meaning and larger picture regarding the difficulties we face.

The deeper meaning is always growth and evolution. Every challenge brings an opportunity to cultivate what he calls “divine virtues,” such as patience, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

It may not be easy to embrace this idea fully when a challenge occurs, but we can train ourselves to seek the deeper meaning behind painful experiences when looking back.

5. Go for the Most Loving Option

The fifth thing we must do to get onto our higher life path is the most important—and the most difficult—thing to do, and it encompasses all the others, too. If we did only that one thing, we would get closet to our higher life path. The most important thing for you to do is to choose the most loving option, moment to moment.

Before making a decision, Rob suggests we ask ourselves, “What would love do?” and then choose the most loving option. Neale Donald Walsch mentioned something similar in the book series, Conversations with God; he recommends asking ourselves, “What would God do?” and then doing that.

If you don’t like to use the word God, you may use “my higher self”—or as Joe Vitale says, “The Great Something.”

The idea is to act from a place of love. It’s about being loving to ourselves, others, and all life. It’s also, for example, choosing to do what you love despite the fear of failure.

The One Thing We’re Asked When Passing to the Other Side

I’ve heard several people speak about their near-death experiences at conferences, and something almost all of them mentioned being asked while on the other side was: “How much have you loved?”

Rob Schwartz says, “We’re here to learn to give and receive love. That’s the bottom line.”

Living on your higher life path means being the most loving version of yourself that you can be in each moment.

It’s not always easy, but as Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in The Four Agreements, we only need to do our best.


Emilie Pelletier

Emilie is a certified purpose and life coach, meditation instructor, and spiritual entrepreneur. She helps free-spirited minds to clarify their soul’s purpose, find their calling, and transform their work into play. You can get her free guide, “The Life Purpose Formula: The Easiest Way to Uncover Your Purpose and Calling,” or connect with her through her website ConsciousOriginals.com.

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