How Poor Sleep Affects Your Mental Health

Before directly going on to the effects of poor sleep on your mental health, let’s first discuss what poor sleep is?

What is Poor Sleep?

According to the somnologists (sleep scientists, in easy terms), if the following requirements are not fulfilled during sleep, your sleep is considered poor.

  • For the age group of 3 – 12 years: 9 – 12 hours of sleep is recommended
  • For the age group of 13 – 18 years: 8 – 10 hours of sleep is recommended
  • For adults (take note if it’s you!): At least 7 hours at night
  • For elderly population: 9 – 12 hours of sleep (sleep patterns might vary)

Sounds alarming, right?

If you are an adult and have nights of poor sleep, no matter how many supplements you take or how comfy spectacles you wear, you can’t evade the consequences of poor sleep.

The Consequences of Poor Sleep

It is a fact that if you go against nature, you will be the one who will suffer. People are so rebellious that despite knowing the actual truth, they keep on ignoring their sleep. Poor sleep has many negative effects on our whole body.

If you think that only the brain gets penalized for not getting enough sleep, you are wrong. The mental health, eyesight, immune system, even balance while walking can get disturbed just due to poor sleep.

The Effects Poor Sleep Can Have on Your Mental Health

Before anything, you will start having memory issues. The brain makes a network of information we collect throughout the day. While we are sleeping, that network is developed so that our memory can have a new addition in our memory storage. Being general here, Hippocampus, located in the brain’s temporal lobe, is responsible for storing episodic memories.

When you don’t get good sleep regularly, that network of memories remains incomplete.

You start having short-term memory loss, and if not work on your sleep, long-term memory loss will embrace you.

Mental health is the hub, and every function of the body is controlled from here. The damage to mental health causes the following effects.

The Effects on Your Vision

If you have a vision in life, that’s good. But, if your vision of eyes is vague, how are you going to see what’s standing in front of you 6 ft. away? Even the best of the pair of glasses can’t save your vision if you keep on having a poor sleep.

The drowsiness you feel during the daylight is the effect of that poor sleep. Other than this, you may experience irregular spasms, making you lose your focus on the vision. It’s embarrassing yet hazardous for health as it can lead to accidents and serious injuries. And the worst part is even your eyewear can’t save you from such calamity.

The Effects on Your Immune System

If you are not getting full-time & sound sleep, your immune system stops performing well. This means that even the weakest viruses that cause cold, flu, and cough can beat you and throw you into some bigger disease.

The immune system faces some real challenges due to negligence in sleeping well. If you don’t take serious action, you may end up eating more medicines every day than your daily diet.

So, sleep well and wisely!

The Effects on Your Balance

Poor sleep makes your balance poor. You become prone to physical accidents, and even a clear pothole can welcome you easily. A number of people, due to loss of balance, faced horrible accidents while walking. This means that the muscular system loses its connection with the brain if you don’t have a proper and sound sleep.

All these effects are the highlights of poor sleep. Numerous researches show how poor sleep affects mental health. And also, sleep scientists are trying to provide natural remedies to the affected people.

Make sure you have enough time for your bed so that you can perform well for the rest of the day. While you are striving to achieve your weekly and monthly goals, what’s good in that if you are compromising on your health?


Hussaina Habbir

As a student and a proficient writer, Hussaina aims to write about different niches and topics she learns about every day and educates her readers through her articles and blogs. She is ambitious and believes in her words, and only writes about subjects worth sharing with the crowd.

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