How a Self Care Sunday Can Set You Up for a Productive Week

If this difficult period has taught us anything it’s that tuning in with yourself and self care, whether it’s emotional, physical, and mental health are crucial.

So if you’ve had a stressful week or you’re dreading the upcoming Monday, a little self care on a Sunday can go a long way in making you feel more like yourself again and giving you the strength to tackle what’s ahead.

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”~ Charles Bukwoski

When you’re not quite sure how to practice self care or you’re looking for new ideas to treat yourself, just come back to this blog post and you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

The 5 Types Of Self Care

Just like your overall health consists of more than your Body Mass Index, self care goes beyond sipping a glass of wine in the bubble bath. There are five types of self care that you can practice to fill up your cup. Let’s dive in.

1. Physical

When you’re feeling sluggish or restless it may be a sign that your body is craving something. Really tune in with yourself and find out what your body needs. Is it a nap because you haven’t slept well in some time or do you feel like going for a run and breaking a sweat?

How a Self Care Sunday Can Set You Up for a Productive Week

Either way, catering to your body’s needs rather than checking things off your to-do list will ultimately serve you most.

2. Mental

Sometimes we opt for numbing pastimes like mindlessly scrolling through our phones because we’re mentally exhausted but don’t have the energy to pick up a more stimulating activity because we use our brains all week.

Instead of liking hundreds of images on Instagram, try picking up a book, watching a movie (without eyeing another screen), or playing a board game with a friend. You’ll likely find that an intellectual activity resets your mind rather than exhausting or numbing it.

3. Emotional

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”~ Oscar Wilde

Processing, connecting with, and reflecting on your emotions are all important acts of self care. Tend to your emotional health by talking to a therapist, writing in your gratitude journal, or perhaps trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. 

How a Self Care Sunday Can Set You Up for a Productive Week

4. Social

Perhaps you’re a stay at home parent or you work from home and don’t get much social interaction (with grown-ups) during the week. In that case, make sure to meet up with loved ones for a cup of coffee, have someone over for a pizza night, or talk to someone on the phone. Social connections fuel us and while it can be difficult to maintain them sometimes, they’re a crucial pillar of self care.

5. Spiritual

Finally, a spiritually engaging practice or activity can help you find your center again. You can say a prayer, practice yoga, or make time for a meditation session that provides a moment of serenity and allows you to reset.

How To Practice Self Care

How A Self Care Sunday Can Set You Up For A Successful Week

If you hustle all week and schedule all of your self care practice for Sunday, you won’t reap the true benefits of loving yourself and will likely still feel burnt out.

Self care should be part of your everyday routine. Whether it’s a daily gratitude journal that you keep and write in when you drink your coffee in the morning, a regularly scheduled yoga practice to find your center again, or a weekly Zoom date with your bestie–all of these little things will help you create a life that you enjoy on more days than the weekend.

Still, designating time on Sundays to self care is a great way to ensure you’re giving yourself a little extra love before the next week rolls around.


Mona Freund

Mona grew up in Hamburg, Germany but has found her home in sunny San Diego. As a content marketing specialist with a master’s degree in industrial & organizational psychology, she loves to write about anything from business to wellness. When she's not creating new self-care guides, you can find her surfing, baking, or playing with her puppy Pesto.

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