6 Yoga Poses That Will Greatly Benefit Your Whole Life

“In yoga, the natural world is especially important, which can be seen in many of the Sanskrit and English names for yoga poses that are taken from animals and other entities one finds in nature.” ~ Rachel Hanson

In my yoga class, when I started practicing yoga an year back, I used to wonder, am I in a wildlife park or what! Many times, the instructor would ask us to become a tree , then a serpent, a crow, cow, cat , dog and what not.

Initially we are only focused on correcting the asana and then we began to practice the art of holding the asana. It is now, in the act of holding, that we realize how important is that name!

Imitating nature can be so enlightening.

Yoga Poses

What came to my mind was, we should not only emulate the different  forms of nature physically but we should try doing this psychologically as well.

Say, for instance the cat, it awakens with the stretching of its spine by making an arch inward and outward before getting into action. It relaxes the body and normally this asana, cat pose , is practiced for relaxation either in the beginning or towards the end of yoga practice.

Next time, if we actually try to imagine ourselves as a cat who has jjust awakened from sleep trying to warm up a little, it will help us do the asana better and in fact feel it better.

Downward dog for example, is another asana named after the animal, which adopts this bending to stretch after waking from a nap. This asana when mastered with perfection can actually be very relaxing after a prolonged lying down position or even after a prolonged standing position. So next time try to embody the creature to feel that stretch and you might be able to understand why is that stretch essential.

More importantly, if we go deeper to comprehend a few other postures , we will know it guides us emotionally and psychologically.

Emulating the tree in Vrikshasana, simply helps one to balance self and stand erect. Consider the life’s challenges as the wind storms or heavy rains and yet you stand stable and steady like a tree and confront any hardship with more strength.

6 Yoga Poses and The Powerful Meaning of Their Names

So I decided to give it shot one day while trying the ustrasana , the camel pose. Initially I would struggle through it but I still made sure to picture myself like a camel every time I do it.

It worked!

Most of the time, I would struggle to get into the posture, I just imagined how a camel would never give up even in the scorching heat and that stamina and commitment to the awareness finally helped me perfect the asana. I continued to imagine myself as the beautiful tolerant creature who has just reached an oasis ready to fill it’s picnic basket, the hump!

In the next yoga class when you hear an asana name and think that what’s in a name!! Think this: 

‘I am not merely trying to mimic the look of it, I am trying to experience it’

And you will realize that indeed, everything is in a name.

6 Yoga Poses That Will Benefit Your Whole Life

1. Matsayasana

Learn from the fish that the only way out from most things in life is to simply swim through them.

2. Bhunjangasana

Learn from the cobra to rise and strike but at the same time be in control of your actions and use aggression only as the last resort.

3. Garudasana

Focus on the goal with an excellent vision, concentration and balance, just like the eagle. Give it all your time, effort and energy before you set out to achieve it.

4. Goumukhasana

Adopt an attitude of patience. Cows are gentle and calm animals. We never really see them running around. Experience the joy of living life with simplicity and still be of service to others.

6 Yoga Poses and The Powerful Meaning of Their Names


The crow pose reminds me of the nature of crow as to how regular and committed they are. If they don’t turn up , they won’t be fed. So be regular, be committed to succeed.

6. Simhasana

While mimicking the lion, experience the feeling of royalty and power. At the same time, remember to embrace failure and evolve each time we face it. 

Let us not only embody the posture but also empathize a little with the flora and fauna and make a sincere effort to nurture nature.

Nature has stood the test of time and resurrected itself in a steady way every time be it after a natural calamity or human interference. The wildlife too has found better ways to deal with stress and survive which is why we are constantly trying to impersonate them.

Yoga is one way you can experience nature inside out so make the most of it. 

Benefits Of Yoga Poses  

The various schools of yoga abound with various poses, the ones listed here being just a sample. Each one has its physical and mental benefits, which include the following: 

  • Improved flexibility: Yoga poses may help stretch and lengthen muscles, enhancing flexibility and range of motion.  
  • Strengthened muscles: Different poses can help improve the core muscles, which are essential for balance, good posture, and overall health.  
  • Reduced anxiety and stress: Yoga posing is a great way to minimize anxiety and stress by calming the mind and body.  
  • Improved mental clarity: Yoga can help boost mental clarity. Focusing on the present moment and breathing quiets the mind and improves concentration.  

Learning how to do yoga poses is excellent if you’re looking for a great way to enhance your mental and physical health. They’re safe and practical exercises that you can enjoy. 

If you want to share your love of yoga with others and help them improve their well-being, becoming a yoga instructor may be a lucrative and rewarding career. With your help, yoga users can learn the poses, understand their benefits, and stay safe while practicing.  

Start Learning Today  

If you’re new to yoga, starting with beginner poses and gradually working up to more challenging ones is essential. It’s also important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard. With regular practice, you’ll start to see and feel the benefits of yoga in all areas of your life.


Sheenam Dhingra

Sheenam is a writer by passion and an educator by profession. She mostly enjoys writing about positive and healthy lifestyles. Sheenam is also a yoga instructor and a certified nutritionist which is what encourages her to write what she genuinely feels. Learn more about her on her personal blog.

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