The Only Problem Solving Technique to Use for Happier and Healthier Relationships

Have you ever wondered if all couples fight?

Statistics show that, on average, couples fight 1 to 3 times per week. Fighting in relationships may seem like a normal thing for many people. However, it is vital for a thriving relationship to figure out good problem solving techniques. In this article, I will explain why it is important not to fight and the seven steps you can apply to live a thriving “relationship without fighting”.

Times have changed; in contrast with the past, relationship dynamics have seen a shift. From being based on merely a transaction between two people to gain benefits and fit into society to the freedom to choose our companion, leading to physical and psychological fulfilment.

Problem Solving

As modern-day couples, we must not let this freedom of choice overpower us. Working on one relationship and being wholly committed is essential. However, couples think that having a thriving and healthy relationship means sometimes fighting and yelling at each other when dealing with problems is inevitable.

Sadly, they don’t know the proper steps to problem solving and often give up on their relationships. Divorce statistics show that nearly three divorces occur in the time a couple recites vows. 

We must first build good foundations to establish a good relationship dynamic. 3 in 5 couples are unhappy, which is why a good start will avoid tensions and unnecessary fights later down the line.

Follow the steps below to become a thriving Power Couple. 

Studies have also shown that modern-day relationships cannot last long if both partners do not invest time in each other. We must interact with one another and talk openly if an issue arises; it is the main factor in improving relationships and turning them from difficult to thriving.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that couples should always agree with each other. It is a sign of a healthy relationship to have different opinions than your partner and be able to voice your concerns to them. Still, we must refrain from fighting over it. 

The Only Problem Solving Technique to Use for Happier and Healthier Relationships

As mentioned above, it is normal to have different opinions than your partner. The main aim is to learn how to resolve problems that arise due to these different opinions in a healthy manner. One thing to remember when you face a problem with your partner is that it is not Partner one vs Partner two. Instead, it is the Couple vs the problem. 

In this 7 step problem solving technique, I will show you how to find solutions to your problems in a compassionate manner. 

1. Create a safe environment.

The Only Problem Solving Technique to Use for Happier and Healthier Relationships Super Charge Your Water with This Mind Blowing Technique From Fear to Safety: Louise Hay's Life Changing Advice on Living a Stress Free Life

You must choose the right time to discuss the problem with each other. Don’t have this conversation in front of other people. Additionally, if emotions are high at a particular time, then go into separate rooms and calm down beforehand.

2. State the issue in need of resolution.

Decide which problem both of you are facing. Agree on one issue and work through that. 

3. Explain your views.

In this step, each person will give their opinion and interpretation of the problem. It is essential not to be judgmental of your partner’s views and to have an open mind while listening to them. 

4. Explain what outcome you desire.

What is the outcome both of you want from this conversation? 

5. Brainstorm ways to solve the problem

Decide one potential solution to your problem. It can be more than one solution and multiple solutions at once.

6. Pick one solution you want to try.

Pick one solution with your partner that you will try and work on. 

7. Check if the problem has been resolved.

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In this final step, you need to see if the issue has been resolved through your chosen solution. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt, and that’s ok! Pick another solution to the problem and try again.

Fights in relationships lead to conflict, anger, stress, resentment, disappointment, and frustration. They will result in disconnection from your partner and a lack of intimacy. A fight can leave long-term marks, even if it is just for an hour.

To ensure you always improve your relationship, follow my 7-step Power Couple Problem Solving Technique to help you solve your problems more understandingly! It will turn your relationship into the thriving relationship that you deserve!


Railey Molinario

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