Letter to Myself: When Did You Stop Trusting?

My sweet angel, when did you stop trusting in anyone?

When have you given up on the world and decided that trusting yourself and those around you is not worth it anymore?

When has your heart given up on everyone, yourself included, and labeled them all as “dangerous”?

“Never stop trusting people just because someone has broken your faith, in this journey of trust building if you find one trustworthy friend, you life will be full of confidence.” ~ Invajy

I know you are hurt! I know your heart is aching and I know you’ve been through a lot but do not despair! because your time has come! Your time to shine, to live, to laugh, to thrive, to be happy and allow the world to see how amazing, genius, kind, generous and beautiful you are!

“Who, me?”

Yes! YOU!

I’m talking to you! You cannot go on like this unless you want your life to be nothing but misery, tears and sorrow.

Trusting Again Is Hard

A Letter to Myself: When Did You Stop Trusting?

Your heart is heavy with pain, I know! But I am telling, there is nothing you cannot endure, because you are stronger than you and the world thinks you are. You are a well of kindness, generosity and creativity. All you need to do is let yourself be seen.

Mistrust, doubt, confusion, feeling unworthy of being loved, feeling small and insignificant, these are all layers of mud covering your true self and hiding yourself from yourself and the world around you.

When Did You Stop Trusting?

You are meant to shine but you can’t do that unless you open your heart again.

You are meant to be loved but how can anyone do that if you keep hiding yourself?

You are meant for greatness but how can you do that if you keep playing small?

You are meant to be seen but how can that happen if you cover yourself with the many lies your monkey mind is telling you? And you’ve believed these lies for years and years…

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You believed you’re ugly, fat, stupid, unworthy of being loved and cared for, small, insignificant, and that you’d never amount to anything. Just because you’ve been believing these lies for so long, it doesn’t mean this has to go on. Just because people have treated you badly, that doesn’t mean you need to do the same to yourself.

Understand that not everyone is the same, and as long as you’re willing to learn and change the trajectory of your life, life will reward you with whatever is deep within your heart and mind.

“In this world, there was nothing scarier than trusting someone. But there was also nothing more rewarding.” ~ Brad Meltzer

You need to learn to forgive yourself, learn from your past mistakes, and start trusting in yourself again, But keep this in mind: trusting in yourself also means trusting people once again, and what a marvellous thing that is. Because if the outside world is a mirror of who you are deep inside yourself, when you change on the inside, the world will simply reflect that which already is within you.

No more blaming others, no more pointing fingers, no more feeling like you’re the victim and everyone else is the villain. You are the creator, the designer of your own reality and you’re responsible for everything going right and wrong in your life.

NOW is the time for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and decide in which direction you want to be heading. Do you want to live a happy, meaningful and abundant life or do you want to continue living a life that’s not yours to live: a complete and utter lie?

Know that I love you my sweet angel, I am always going to be here with you supporting, believing in you and holding your hand through it all!

Love, E. ❤️


E. F.

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