5 Powerful Ways to Connect With Your Infinite Nature

How do we reconnect with our infinite nature and find our spiritual core so that we can become the enlightened beings we know we are?

In modern life, it is easy to become distracted and forget about our divinity and true nature.

With a million things fighting for our attention and pulling our psyche in different ways, it’s easy to fall into our own thoughts or let the hectic environment steal our energy and focus. Because of this we have lost touch with our infinite nature and started to become a passive conduit for everything that is happening around us.

But all is not lost because at our core we are all still enlightened beings, whether we realize it or not, and we all have access to a higher peak of consciousness.

But if we are all “Enlightened” why is the world the way it is and why aren’t we all connecting to our infinite nature to be better people?

The short answer is that our egos get in the way. Our minds obscure us from the enlightened being that we can be. It clouds the world and our understanding of our true nature. We lack the clarity to connect with our infinite nature and realize our own potential.

So, the question is, how do we reconnect with infinite naure and find our spiritual core so that we can become the enlightened beings we know we are?

5 Powerful Ways to Connect With Your Infinite Nature

Here are 5 tips to set you off in the right direction.

1. Stop Distractions.

One of the main reasons we lose touch with ourselves is simply because we become too distracted by modern-day living. With so many different things fighting to grab our attention, we have little time to focus on ourselves and connect with our true being.

Take away these distractions, switch off your television, put away your laptop, and limit the amount time you spend on your phone. Schedule quiet time for yourself away from the trappings of the modern world and you’ll find it far easier to find the true nature of your soul.

2. Be Present.

To be able to connect with our inner nature, we need to become one with everything that is happening around us. Let go of our thoughts and worries and become one with the moment.

Thinking too hard about the things we are doing will make us uptight and less likely to reach an enlightened state. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the things around you and absorb the energy of the plants, animals, insects, earth, as well as the landscape itself into your soul.

Concentrate on the sounds, the little movements within the earth, and the feelings that bearing witness to them gives you. After a few seconds, you will find total peace as you reconnect with your inner being.

3. Be Generous.

Doing things for other people is a great way to feel better about yourself. Being altruistic can help you forget about your ego and the impulses this gives and can help you to connect with what really matters in your life.

Think about it, do you remember a time when somebody was charitable towards you? What about a time you were charitable towards someone else? How did these acts make you feel?

Move your thoughts into your heart and connect with the feelings there. Acts of kindness affect both the giver and the receiver and are a great way to reconnect with the real you and open up your soul.

The fact is, the world doesn’t need more ‘successful’ people, but it does need people who are kind and charitable towards others. Kindness is fundamental to our very nature and without it we lose what really makes us human.

4. Take Some Time to Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to reconnect with yourself. Every time you empty your mind of unnecessary worries, mind-boggling thoughts, general distractions, and take a long look inside yourself, you’ll discover many things about your own psyche that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Doing so can also help you understand that you are not just the body you inhabit or the thoughts that invade your mind every day. Who and what you are is far beyond what you think about or how you look and act. You are an infinite being with an eternal soul.

When entering a state of pure meditation, you are naturally connecting to your infinite nature and becoming your true radiant self, including all the positive qualities that entails. Meditating allows you to disconnect from all external stimuli and dive deeper inside your own soul.

5. Let Yourself Be Inspired.

Spiritual reading is absolutely necessary to nourish your soul and keep your faith intact. Listening to the stories of the great spiritual teachers, people that were once like you and me but evolved by finding their own infinite nature, is a great way to find our own inner truths.

And it doesn’t have to be too time consuming, unless you want it to be. Just a few minutes a day will suffice to keep your soul fed. If you push yourself to read more than you are able to, you will put yourself in danger of making the task a chore and its benefits will be diminished.

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from a book so take it wherever you can find it. Look around. There’s beauty everywhere, whether it’s beautiful artwork or the stunning scenery of a valley. Embrace the feelings these provide and feel the warmth of your soul as you revel at the moment.

Connecting with your infinite nature in the modern world is not easy and ignoring the millions of distractions vying for your thoughts feels sometimes like an impossible task. Almost, but not quite. 

Though some questions may never be answered, by following some of the tips listed above and allowing yourself to embrace the moment and everything around you, you will make it easier to dig deep into your soul and find some answers and find the person you really are.



While writing mostly for Vision, Belief, Change that inspires people to live the life they want, Doron is a certified NLP personal and business coach, experienced working with both entrepreneurs and business owners, and serving as a rehabilitation coach in a psychiatric institute.

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