4 Crazy Important Lessons You Can Learn From 2020

What did you learn from 2020?

I know it has been a challenging year for all of us and it brought a lot of suffering, worry, and insecurity. It challenged everything we used to take for granted. It forced us to live with uncertainty. But it also taught us to be flexible and adaptable.  

And it pushed us to find new ways to communicate, work and share.  

I hope that in the years to come we will look back at 2020 with a profound sense of gratitude. That we will see 2020 as a catalyst for positive transformation. 

If we are ready to learn, as individuals and as communities, we will get stronger. If we welcome this chance to become more aware, more in tune with our life, we will feel empowered.  

If we stay open, if we allow for transformation and renewal, we will, undoubtedly, find the courage and the resources to heal and rebuild.  If, instead of giving in to a victimhood mentality, we take responsibility – we will create a better future for ourselves and for humanity. 

Going back to a “normal” that did not make us happy is not an option.  

Let us not encourage more delusion.  

Let us do everything in our power to turn 2020 into our greatest opportunity. 

Here are 4 major life lessons to learn from 2020.

The 4 Major Life Lessons to Learn From 2020

1. We are vulnerable.

If you had something to learn from 2020 it is that we are all mortals, and that life is more precious than we allow ourselves to believe.

It is fair to say that, encouraged by modern technology and scientific prowess, we had started to feel immortal and indestructible. But this crisis forced us to face our fragility.  

We have learnt that we are not in control of everything.

In 2020 we have rediscovered that life is precious. That our dreams are important. That sacrificing our happiness for an elusive status quo was not such a great idea after all. 

We had taken life for granted and 2020 has taught us that every moment matters.  

How can we deepen this awareness?  

What can you do?

Take some time to look at your life. Is there anything that you would like to change? What can you do to enjoy life more? What would make you feel more fulfilled?

Don’t waste time in finding excuses. Start now.

Do more of the things you love doing. Stop postponing your happiness.  

Decide now how you want your life to be.

Let gratitude – not fear – guide you. 

2. Life is a journey of change and constant transformation.

2020 has forced us to accept that we do not have control over everything. It has taught us that nothing ever stays the same. That old structures and ways of thinking will be challenged and replaced by new ones. That being open and flexible, adaptable, and resilient, is the smartest way to respond to challenges. That life is a constant evolution. 

Learn from 2020 to trust in life’s intelligence and limitless creativity.

Have you mastered the lesson of change?  

Do you welcome change easily?

Are you able to trigger healthy change into your life when you feel stuck?  

Is there anything that you could change right now?  Don’t be afraid – trust life to guide you.

3. We are in this together.

One of the most powerful lessons that 2020 has taught us is the lesson of unity and solidarity. There is still too much division, hatred, and judgement in our societies.  

There is too much fear and blaming going on. 
This crisis has shown us, unequivocally, that solidarity is key. That unity is not an abstract concept but the ultimate reality. We have learnt that when one of us is hurt – all of us are hurt. That a simple gesture of kindness has incredible healing power. That there is no salvation without unity and solidarity. 

In 2020 we have learnt that our differences were superficial.  

That we all experience pain and joy in the same way.  

And we have learnt the formidable power of humanity coming together: health carers sacrificing for all of us; scientists sharing their efforts for humanity; millions of people putting their life at risk to help us have food and electricity; governments around the world learning the lesson of solidarity!  

In 2020 each one of us understood the power of compassion and unity.  

How can we make sure that what we have learnt through pain and sacrifice will not be lost? 

What more can you do to prove – to yourself and others – that you have learnt the lesson of solidarity?  

4. Nature is our home, our shelter, and our temple. 

Our strength comes from working in harmony with nature, not from working against it.  

For too long we had behaved as unchallenged masters of the Earth, so often cruel in our ignorance, unaware of the damage we have been creating all around us.  

In this respect, 2020 has been a year of humility. A tiny yet merciless virus has reminded us to respect nature and treat it with the reverence it deserves. Hurting nature only hurts us. 

Our body is a miracle of nature too. We were reminded that health is the most precious thing we can ask for. We were reminded to care for our body.  

We were reminded that everything is interconnected.  

In our darkest hour we looked for refuge in nature and rediscovered its beauty, its generosity, and its healing power.  

Will we finally work together to take care of our planet? 

What more can you do? 

And how will you take care of your body? What will you do to stay healthy and full of energy?  

Have you reconnected with nature this year? How will you keep this connection alive? 

2020 has been a wise teacher. We had lost our way. It forced us to stop.  

We had misunderstood our place in the world.  

It revealed our fragility as well as our resilience. Our weakness and our power.  

We had forgotten what really mattered.  

2020 reminded us to rely on love, trust, kindness, and solidarity.  

It is now up to us to master these lessons and build our future with confidence. 

We will have no choice but to stay united and bring our own, unique, contribution to the advancement of humanity.  

I hope you can join me in thanking 2020. 


Silvana Avram

Silvana is a successful inspirational Life Coach and Author of “Being You and Loving You – The Ultimate Guide to Fulfilement” – a powerful book guiding readers through the transformative journey of self-love and fulfilment. Silvana strongly believes that we all deserve to lead happy, fulfilling lives and is passionate about helping her clients, readers and students to reconnect with their essence and tap into their unlimited potential. Visit her website to get in touch with Silvana and follow her on Facebook to get weekly tips and insights in the inspirational series: “A day in Eternity”.

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