How to End the War with Self and Be at Peace

“If there is one thing that traumatizes the Self more than anything else, that is the secret war we wage against ourselves.” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

The War with Self

We are all in shock when we hear stories of people who violently abuse, hurt and take the lives of innocent beings. Of countries who wage war against other countries, destroying ‘enemies’ they never met and creating chaos where there was once harmony, balance and order.

But we rarely stop to think that the violence we encounter ‘out there’ has its source, root and origin within ourselves. 

To be at war with yourself is to be at war with the world around you. For the world is nothing but a reflection of who you yourself are. Connected with one another through an invisible link that makes it impossible not to affect each other through our thoughts, moods, attitudes, actions and behaviors, we all plant the seed of violence in the world whenever we think, feel and act in ways that are not kind, compassionate, and loving to ourselves and to the world at large. 

Violent thoughts, toxic moods, unhealthy attitudes, actions and behaviors – whether they are kept ‘secret’ and ‘well hidden’ or not – they all give life to monsters we see in the world. They all give life to the darkness that surrounds us and the violence that makes us cringe at the thought of having to live in such dark times.  

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Ending the War with Self

You might not want to admit this to yourself, but the guilt you feel as a result of your past mistakes; the shame of your many failures; the anger that comes from not doing the things you said you’ll do but never did, and the self-hatred that arises from betraying yourself – over and over again – for ‘the sake of others’, they all make you into an enemy to yourself. 

To be at war with yourself is to be at war with the world, for you and the world are one.

When you violently attack, abuse, and constantly put yourself down by thinking thoughts that are filled with judgment, anger, self-pity, hatred and despair, you wage war against yourself. ⁣⁣But why would you want that?

Why would you want to continue to believe the lies of thoughts that weaken you and of emotions that make you feel unworthy and ashamed to be yourself?

If your heart breaks when you hear stories of atrocities committed by human beings against other human beings; how they hurt, wound, and traumatize each other, why would you do the same?

Why would you behave as though you were your own worst enemy, day after day giving poison to yourself and expecting to get well?

How to End the War with Self and Be at Peace  The Incredible Power of Self-Compassion

Thoughts do lie, you know? And so do most of your feelings. But truth is always the same. 

Truth stands still within the center of your Being and knows that, just as those people ‘out there’ – for whom you feel so much love, mercy and compassion – are innocent and worthy of great love, so are you!

Truth stands still within the center of your Being and knows that you are a valuable human being who is not only worthy of love, but is love.

Love is your nature. Love is your origin. And the only reason why you suffer is because you are choosing to act against your nature.

End the War with Self and Be at Peace

Put an end to this war right now! Forget about being perfect. Forget about doing more than you currently can do. And just be! 

Be still.

Be patient.

Be peaceful.

Be kind.

Be forgiving. 

Be compassionate. 

Be loving towards yourself. 

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Be still and know the truth of you.

Be patient and wait till your mud settles and the water is clear and you can finally see yourself as you truly are.

Be understanding of your human nature and its many imperfections – patient with your shortcomings, forgiving towards your mistakes and failures and compassionate with yourself and your fragility.

Do not allow your mind and senses to fool you into thinking that it’s okay to guilt, shame, judge and wage war against yourself. Because it’s not!

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Always remember: You are innocent, valuable, and worthy of love. And your violent thoughts, just as your changing moods, attitudes and behaviors do not reflect who you truly are. They just reflect how you have chosen to think, feel and act at a certain point in time. That is all!

**What about you? Are you ready to end the war with self and return to a place of inner peace? You can share below 🙂


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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